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  1. DanOver

    Anyone got some Chaga?

    I’ve gone through almost all of the chaga a member was so generous to send me a few years ago. Down to the last of the tincture I made. If anyone has some chaga to send me I will be happy to trade needed items and/or pay for shipping. I should be tying some interesting flies this winter with...
  2. DanOver

    GStove opinions?

    I just got a deal on a smaller hot tent and I was looking at the GStove from Norway. Anyone here have any experience with this stove? My Four Dogs stove would be a bit much, I think.
  3. DanOver

    Been a while...

    Well, this has been an interesting year. I have been gone from the board for almost a year, it seems! living in a small mountain town in Colorado, it was easy to social distance and still get out to hike and paddle a bit. I bought a used Mad River Royalex tandem with some rocker and set up for...
  4. DanOver

    Stashing a canoe in the YNP area.

    Was not sure where to put this, but I could use all of your collective experience. The wonderful wife and I are moving to the Front Range of Colorado, and I am taking my OT Pack and the Gheenoe15.4 with. I also have my Dad's old fiberglass 16' square stern tandem which I do not paddle much...
  5. DanOver

    Desolation-Gray Canyons on the Green River - Utah??

    I'm retiring this summer so I am planning some trips. I have put in on the Lottery for a few dates in early September for Desolation-Gray Canyons, which is a wild and scenic river. just 84 miles, so if I'm drawn I plan to paddle just a few miles a day and then camp/explore/fish for the...
  6. DanOver

    CL Wisconsin - OT Pack for sale $700

    FOR INFO ONLY - Saw an OT pack for sale in mid Wisconsin on CL tonight. Hull looks great, seat needs re-caned.
  7. DanOver


    I had heard of it, and just now learning how healthy studies have shown it to be. I wish I had been more tuned in to it when I was in Ontario last year. Do any of you North men harvest and drink it? Please educate me on season/ finding / processing it.
  8. DanOver

    Easy Duck Doings

    Went duck hunting in Pamlico Sound, NC last week and shot a bunch of redheads. I've found a lot of people hesitate when it comes to cooking or eating duck around here. That said, here is an easy recipe that's hard to screw up: 1) breast out the bird with or without skin 2) Cut slits in the...
  9. DanOver

    Who is shotgunning from a solo canoe?

    I am interested in the possibilities of floating a creek or small river here in the fall and jump shooting ducks. What is my best way to practice? Any tips or hard learned lessons are appreciated. DanOver
  10. DanOver

    Way up North...

    Headed up to the Nipigon, Ontario area next week in pursuit of Salvelinus Fontinalis. Bring my OT Pack canoe and a quiver of fly rods, the Lavvu tent, and my woodstove. Trip report to follow.
  11. DanOver

    Intro from NW Indiana

    Hello all, I am new to the site and was happy to find a Canoe-trip specific site like this! After raising 2 daughters and putting some of my wanderings on hold, I'm now 55 and approaching mandatory retirement. I am an avid outdoorsman, upland and deer hunter, fly fisherman and camping...