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    Everglades kayak rescue

    Not a canoe but still a paddler. No idea how he got separated from his kayak, but looks like he was well inside in Cross Bay which is just north of the east end of Lopez river just a little north of the marked wilderness waterway. Its all calm protected and shallow in there. He probably could...
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    Gulf Coast of Florida - Wacasassa River To Cedar Key

    Hi gang, This is my second paddle trip with the Northwind, first was 12 mile solo on the Withlacoochee river paddling against 1900cfs, didn't record much on that trip so didn't do a report. Didn't record much on this trip either. Just a mish mash of a few photo's and short video clips taken...
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    NorthWind blowing in Fl...

    Hi gang, been busy like hell, life, work, hurricane Irrma and trying to get this damn canoe built in time for watertribe ec challenge in a few weeks now and haven't been posting or lurking much, here or anywhere else. Didn't quite get to where I needed to be by EC registration deadline though...
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    surefire pike catching tactics

    If the Asians can do it with collared cormorants, trained muskie on a leash should work on pike too. :) https://www.facebook.com/cody.wolters/videos/pcb.1349120525204795/1349119578538223/?type=3
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    Fly fishing and camping on the Withlacoochee this weekend

    A few over-the-hill goof balls fishing, camping and doing a little drinking too. ;) Tom, Ron and I haven't been able to get out together in a few years so this was a lot fun, kind of a mini reunion... Was maiden voyage for me in Stevet's Peregrine too, which is a beautiful and meticulously...
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    gum slough gator

    Loch Ness is pool toy compared to this guy... :) Me and an old friend of mine Ron (one of the guys trying to coerce me into doing the WaterTribe EC Challenge next year) decided to hit a stretch of the Withlacoochee River where the Gum Slough spring drain downs into the main river. You can...
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    new old guy from Fl - pic heavy

    Howdy gang, Name is eric, Fl native and kind of all around sportsman my whole life, predominately fly fish both salt and fresh water and bow hunt with traditional gear last 20 years or so. Have canoed a lot over the years too, but lately getting more into it for the paddling more so than as a...