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  1. scratchypants

    Freedom 17 Build

    It wasn't long after completing my Bob Special build that I got the hankering to build something else. Perhaps a bit bigger this time, maybe we'll give traditional stem construction a try... The Freedom 17' plans arrived sometime in December 2020. I had left over cedar from the last build. I...
  2. scratchypants

    Northern Scavenger Youtube channel

    As far as I can tell, the channel is shared between a few guys from Ontario and Nova Scotia. They are down to earth and entertaining with great content and not overly produced. Their latest series (in the process of being released at the time of this posting) is of two guys making their way from...
  3. scratchypants

    Tagging test

    I'm not sure if you are even able to tag yourself, but here's a try: @scratchypants
  4. scratchypants

    Thanks Glenn!

    Looking good! Cheers to stepping in and moving us in the right direction.
  5. scratchypants

    Selling my Cronje

    Kijiji add is up: Canot d'expedition / Tripping canoe | Canoes, Kayaks & Paddles | Longueuil / South Shore | Kijiji It's priced to deter flippers - I can do a little better for a forum member who will actually use it.
  6. scratchypants

    My first build - Bob Special

    As titled, this is my first build - a stemless, 15' Bob Special from Noah's Marine (a Windsor Boat Works design, I believe). The target weight is 50lbs and I will be taking it easy on myself as far as esthetics go (luckily - you'll see) - zero consideration given to the sorting/matching of...