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  1. DuctTape

    DuctTape's 2019 Quetico Trip

    Here are just a few photos. I am still transcribing my journal into the digital online blog.
  2. DuctTape

    Aug 16th-31st, 1919 Anniversary

    Anyone else who is familiar with those dates planning on being in the area for the 100th ?? Yes I am being purposely vague. Not to keep a secret, but to provide some fun sleuthing for others.
  3. DuctTape

    Dugout Canoe found

    This is a neat find anong the devastation:
  4. DuctTape

    Hydrogel composites for hulls???

    I wonder if this will ever be cost effective, or practical for hull construction in the future?
  5. DuctTape

    Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area July 20-30, 2015
  6. DuctTape

    Pigeon Lake Wilderness, Adirondacks
  7. DuctTape

    In Memory of Willis

    Two years ago today, I awoke to learn of the passing of Willis B, the founder of I had never met Willis in person, but was looking forward to the following paddling season as we were planning a trip together. Someday, Willis, I will do that trip and think of you...
  8. DuctTape

    Canoeing and Camping in 1915

    Canoeing and Camping James A. Cruikshank American Sports Publishing Company, 1915 - Camping - 118 pages Lot of neat vintage items shown and described. Link above is for the free eBook.
  9. DuctTape

    Canoetripping full time in the Boston Harbor?

    BOSTON (AP) — They say no man is an island, but Michael Richard Smith has been creating his own floating homes in Boston Harbor. The Coast Guard and Boston police are keeping an eye on the unconventional camper who has been tying his canoe to small offshore docks in the city's inner harbor and...
  10. DuctTape

    I have watched this many times and never tire of it...

    Cesar's Birch Bark Canoe Link has free video, but you can also purchase a DVD.