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  1. yellowcanoe

    Canoe trip across Central Park New York City
  2. yellowcanoe

    Where to put the canoe? This might be of interest to you Taco campers in your...
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    Colden DragonFly for sale - SOLD

    $3000. Boat in very good condition lightly used. Off the former Curtis Dragonfly mold.
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    Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Assembly

    Will any CT members be in attendance? The event is July 12-17 at Paul Smiths College , Paul Smiths NY. Its the quintissential canoe location , conducive to trips right off the campus. This is the last year that the event can be held there as the college has decided to cease non college related...
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    Double paddle broken Calling Dr McCrea

    The two piece double blade decided to be one piece We managed to push the pin way in with a screwdriver and yank the two pieces apart The button spring and shank now is four inches buried in the shaft. hollow. How to get it out? Paddle was acquired in 1993 Paging the Doctor of Lost Causes
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    Safety on the Buffalo.. hug that rootwad

    Entertaining video and note the generic alu canoe and the what is that fancy looking ish carbon paddle? It's kinky!
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    Canoes get hurt what to do A Blog from White Rose Canoe

    What to consider doing or not doing .. Just dropping this here for thought
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    White Rose Canoe, Newbury MA

    An outgrowth of Newbury Kayak and Canoe, this shop is devoted ENTIRELY to the canoe. Keith Attenborough has done a stellar job! He was a regular poster on and is a dedicated supporter of Maine Canoe Symposium. In this era of big box stores let's celebrate and help it grow. Its not...
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    Just a little day trip Old Course of the Saco and Kezar Pond

    Put in at Hemlock Covered Bridge and a mile upstream you come to Kezar Pond. Lunch on the Dick Arsenault memorial campsite. That is a snow free ( for now) Mount Washington in the background.
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    Short film about a short Allagash trip. Moose and Northern Lights and my friend Lisa is the one going down Chase poling. Cawka her canoe is an Old Town Camper. Good solo boat.
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    Best app for offline backcountry use : I Phone

    Now I do like paper maps, I can use a compass I have a real GPS but my phone knows exactly where it is because of satellites. Unfortunately if you know where my phone is you know where I am too.. so much for the tradeoff. For ambles in the woods near home I just like to stuff my phone in my...
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    USA Canada Border still closed.

    Closure extended till at least June 21. So near yet so impossible.
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    Kenduskeag Canoe Race 2019

    Cancelled this year. Last year shortened as the tide and water was too high to go under the bridges in Bangor. I have done this four times. But required getting up at 4 am to scout the rapids. Six Mile route changed some years and Shopping Cart always a challenge. One year we were bounced into...
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    Canadian border closed

    to all but citizens and permanent residents.There are exceptions like US Citizens for now
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    Dogs. Especially canoe dogs

    Doug D lost his canine friend today. We that have had dogs know how much of a family they are to us. Let's see a pic of a canine friend of yours with a short story. Here is Lucy. She loved all animals even if they did not love back or showed affection with quills or spray. She needed a thwart...
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    Swift Road trip Southern US

    Will be stopping in Knoxville TN Greenville SC Lafayette LA Going from Muskoka through Detroit and Atlanta mostly on I 75 Nov 15-29 so if you are along the route and want to preorder a boat this could be your chance without expensive shipping
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    West Branch Penobscot River and Chesuncook Village .. from a 1984 Yankee Magazine.. You that have traveled the area will love this piece of Maine history.. Perhaps something to kindle an interest in...
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    Mem needs inspiration

    Over on FB he wrote" Going to write some lyrics for a few original songs. Anyone have suggestions for content? Gonna be rockn rolly, no slow crap. If I use your idea, I'll give you credit when we get famous, but no money." Let's hear them!
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    A Canoe Christmas Story

    Written by a police officer on the Bangor ME PD -The Storekeeper- by Tim Cotton- Pete, the clerk at the Quik Pick, saw him pulling in at 0237hrs and rushed across the store to the four-pot coffee maker. Pete prided himself in making fresh coffee for customers. Bunn coffee machines are...
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    Helinox chairs on sale till Jan 1