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  1. Bob B.

    Canvak on a canvas tent question

    Robin, I used to deer hunt out of a Bakker for years. Would set up early November and take down Mid January, also used as a base camp in Spring for a few weeks when Timber romping. Canvak will have a unique smell until dry and add some weight to your lodge. However, when I used a 2 gallon...
  2. Bob B.

    Any info on St. Raphael routes ....

    I am looking for any info, map info etc. on the St. Raphael Signature site in Ontario. A friend of mine and I are planning on taking this route with our two dogs next year and I am having a hard time finding reliable info on this area, especially where to get maps. If anyone has any info to...
  3. Bob B.

    New wood paddle from Porter in northern Maine

    Good looking paddle so far Robin. Looking forward to seeing it in action.
  4. Bob B.

    Telegraph Creek, south Florida

    Loved your pictures Erica! My wife, dog Jake and I just returned from being near that area…Punta Gorda. We spent a lot of time around Cayo Costa state park in the gulf. Great write up. Bob
  5. Bob B.

    What was the first river you ever paddled?

    The Wisconsin River, borrowed a canoe and practiced paddling up river as part of a shoulder injury rehab. Paddled all summer, by fall had my own canoe …. Been hooked ever since. Bob.
  6. Bob B.

    Solitude isn't for everyone

    Interesting post. Basically for me … what Alan said. I have been solo for so long, I become a little uncomfortable in a group and find myself Hanging around the edge, not really mingling amongst everyone. However, I have found enjoyable tripping with in a small group of people I know well …...
  7. Bob B.

    What is your local day paddle?

    For day paddles I use a local state park that has two lakes ... but the Wisconsin River back waters is a great place to explore and practice portaging with my dog Jake as well as play in the timber with both dogs. Lastly, the ice breaks up earlier on the river so we get more time to paddle...
  8. Bob B.

    Photo of the day

    An unseasonably cool September trip in the BWCA. Hoping to get back to that area again. Bob.
  9. Bob B.

    Photo of the day

    Tryin' Your pics of the TFF remind me of shinning times with Jake and I ... This pic of Jake in the Quetico reminds e of Waterdogs photo with his pup ...
  10. Bob B.

    Photo of the day

    Tryin, Nice pic of the Turtle Flambeau Flowage , one of my favorite places to explore.
  11. Bob B.

    The most you've ever paid for a canoe (buy or build)

    I see, man the head is a dead ringer for a V. Great looking dog, thanks for correcting me. Bob.
  12. Bob B.

    The most you've ever paid for a canoe (buy or build)

    The most I ever paid for a canoe .... around 2000 (US) for a near new 16 foot cruiser from Headwaters Canoe - built off an original Chestnut form. The canoe was in Whitehorse I believe. It was trucked to Wakefield. Then put on a pick up truck and driven to SS Marie by Jamie and Conor Mihell...
  13. Bob B.

    The most you've ever paid for a canoe (buy or build)

    Beauty of a Vizsla eh?!!!!
  14. Bob B.

    Cooking Oil

    What a great question Black Fly. I traditionally bring lard on my longer trips, awesome for corn bread or bannock. I also boil my fish, almost never fry when in the bush. Now, duck fat … I never thought of that. That has got me thinking now, I may have to do some experimenting with this. Bob.
  15. Bob B.

    Canoes you wish you had back

    I had a 16 royalex Penobscot with wood slotted gunnels - gorgeous red color. That boat was excellent both as a small tandem tripper for my young daughter and I or a great long distance solo tripper. I took that thing everywhere ... kinda miss it as much for looking at as well as paddling...
  16. Bob B.

    Canoecopia 2022

    Jake and I will be at the show, he is a therapy dog and is allowed. we have our hotel room ready. I am looking forward to visiting with folks I only get to see in the bush or at Copia. We always have a great time.
  17. Bob B.

    Make a Tule Canoe With all Stone Tools

    Wow, very interesting. Nice video! Bob.
  18. Bob B.

    Interesting, Helpful, Memorable Folks You've Met on Canoe Trips

    I was traveling in the Quetico and stopped for a few days on Jean as I buggered up my knee and could not travel very well. A man and his wife paddled up to my camp to discuss walleye fishing. One thing led to another and I was invited to their camp after supper for some whiskey sipping. I...
  19. Bob B.

    Light Weight Food Canister

    Light weight food canister… sounds like most posters bring bread on trips. I wonder if many make bannock anymore? I do bring wheat flat bread once in a while. However, my dog Jake and I like to travel a few days then base camp while enjoying some fresh baked cinnamon bread or corn bread … we...
  20. Bob B.

    Wood canvas 14' Chestnut Fox (replica)

    Great pictures Robin … makes dreaming of tripping more intense for me. I would love to have a canoe similar to that one, light and large enough for myself and Jake.