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  1. Erica

    Recommended Fishing gear for Marshall-Kap

    For those of you who have been there, what kind of fish did you catch and what kind of lures were you using? I plan to be there late July and into August.
  2. Erica

    Modifications to a Solo Yoke?

    I am going to be paddling a Colden Dragonfly this summer and it does not have a portage yoke to go with it. I have purchased this: Universal Portage Yoke Using it as is, the canoe is so far above my head that I can't balance the canoe at all. So, we removed the center block which brought...
  3. Erica

    Telegraph Creek, south Florida

    We took off early one morning for a paddle on Telegraph Creek. The access is located just east of the town of Arcadia. There is a small parking area just east of the bridge on the south side of the road. There is a sign. Not pristine wilderness, but we spent a pleasant several hours poking...
  4. Erica

    Salty Snacks when Paddling

    What do you take for salty snacks? I recently paddled a section of the Peace River and forgot to bring anything to replace salt lost due to sweating during the day. I was fine, but the experience caused me to think about salty snacks to eat during the day. Salted nuts? pretzels? chips? crouton?
  5. Erica

    Light-weight Portable Chargers

    If one has to bring some kind of electronics, ie, cell phone, a charger might be necessary. I am considering bringing the cell phone just for the camera. It takes better photos than my husband's mid-range digital camera. Is anyone using this charger? Or have a better recommendation? Thanks...
  6. Erica

    What could you leave at home?

    I am planning a trip this summer and wants to travel as lightly as possible. Some of you may remember LightJay from myccr and he inspired me from time to time to pare down to the essentials. So, while trying to think of what I can leave behind, I thought I would ask you all: Of all the things...
  7. Erica

    How to waterproof this ditch bag

    I have been using a ditch bag like this one for 30+ years. The old one was worn out and attempts to buy new ones have not been successful. The newer ones are not really waterproof. I can't find them anymore. I'm posting a picture and am asking for advice on how to waterproof this item. I...
  8. Erica

    Reusable Zip Ties

    These are reusable zip ties which I used on my most recent trip on the Peace River. I found them quite useful, functioning pretty much like zip ties, except you can use them over and over again. They consist of a single thread of plastic (?) with a toggle to cinch tight and hold. There is also...
  9. Erica

    LightStream Projector - Free for presentations

    Michael or Alan or whoever...this is not exactly canoe related, unless you are giving presentations. This is a ViewSonic LightStream PJD5 Series DLP Projector. It has only been used twice. It cost a few hundred dollars a few years ago. I'm happy for it to find a new home. Just cover the...
  10. Erica

    Testing New Gear - Bivy Sacks

    I recently spent a few days on the Peace River trying out a number of new gear type items. My goal is to discover the minimum amount of gear I can bring and still be safe and reasonably comfortable. For this post, I am giving my impressions of two bivy sacks. One is from Outdoor Research and the...
  11. Erica

    Back-paddling in rapids or around a bend

    Has anyone else had experience staying away from the outside of a river bend by back-paddling? You point the bow into the bend, back-paddle and let the river current turn you away from the log jam on the outside of the curve. I was taught this a long time ago and has resurrected the idea in...
  12. Erica

    Recommendation for outfitter in Whitehorse

    I’m planning on resuscitating my Upper Liard trip that was scheduled for 2020. I will need to rent a canoe and get flown in from Whitehorse to Caribou Lake. And figure out a way back. I wasn’t real happy with the one I was working with in 2020. Anyone have a recommendation?
  13. Erica

    Wiggy Bags or other sleeping bags?

    I found a thread on this forum in which Wiggy bags were recommended. I looked them up, and am not sure what to think. I don't take down on a major trip. Too much risk of getting wet. (You cannot always find a good campsite when darkness falls in a real wilderness situation. I have experienced...
  14. Erica

    Rice and Beans with cheese and shredz

    We just got back from five days on the Buffalo River in Arkansas and this is the one good recipe coming out of it, tastier than the freeze-dried. 1 cup minute rice 1/2 cup dehydrated beans 1/2 cup freeze-dried corn 1/4 cup King Arthurs Vermont cheddar cheese powder 1 packet Shredz pulled pork...
  15. Erica

    Cell Phone Cameras???

    In the past, I have posted some information on cameras and binoculars. Some replies indicated that some cell phones have excellent cameras? And some have a zoom feature so you don't need a binoculars? And there is an attachment so you are looking at an actual screen, ie not peering through a...
  16. Erica

    Where else can we go?

    If the US/Canadian border stays closed. We have been planning this trip for almost a year and Brad has the time off work. We've got maps and gear and gotten the meals, etc. etc. So I was pretty down in the dumps when the continued closure was announced. I am trying to rally and think...
  17. Erica

    Upper Suwannee Trip Report, Part 1

    Upper Suwannee Trip Report, Gear Evals, and How to Heal a Broken Ankle by Canoe. May 13, 2019 - May 17, 2019 MONDAY Feeling the river already in my bones, early Monday morning as I was braiding my hair in the hotel mirror. It came over me like an ocean swell; I only braid my hair when...
  18. Erica

    Pakboat Fire

    I finally decided to buy a pakboat and called them today. Their warehouse burned down in March and they lost everything. You could hear it in his voice. They may even be considering giving up. Their spring order did not arrive until after the fire, so they have some 16 and 17 foot boats, but...
  19. Erica

    Happiness is a pond full of canoes.

    We bought two "new to us" canoes last week and Brad set them all to sail, along with some others, on our little pond. They bobbed around and back and forth with the breeze; it was such a pleasure to watch. I couldn't have been happier. Apparently, at least in our area, the Facebook Marketplace...
  20. Erica

    Mohawk 14 ft Just FYI. It is too far away from me to purchase. They are not made anymore, these royalex boats.