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  1. goonstroke

    Need info on Sawyer Oscoda.

    I don't know jack, but here's an old catalog page for the Oscadas. Sounds like a "Family 17" model?
  2. goonstroke

    Most hull abusive trips?

    Here's the way-upper East Branch Penobscot from a day paddle when I was scouting for a Millinocket Carry portage. IANA geologist but this is the same kind of shaley ledgy stuff they have around Old Town, which is ~150 miles downstream. I liked how these cedars got a handle on it. There was a...
  3. goonstroke

    Simple bannock and other reflector oven ideas

    For bannock I use Gil Gilpatrick's "Canoe Country Bread" recipe: 4 cups flour 1/2 cup sugar 4 tsps baking powder 3 tsps salt just add water (slowly, and not too much -- dough good, batter bad) There is nothing greasy, nothing that will go bad in less than months, but it tastes really good when...
  4. goonstroke

    Recommended Fishing gear for Marshall-Kap

    Maybe if we ref him (hey @Jontario, we're eating your nachos!) he'll see a notification. I'm pretty far from Ontario but I love the exploratory aspect of the channel.
  5. goonstroke

    Minn 3 Rebuild

    Nice work on the Safari! It's absolutely amazing that that boat survived it, after all those late day radical repairs and low water to boot. I've never seen a canoe re-bottomed that way -- bold. That tree limb photo is awesome. Wenonah's classic kevlar ultralight layup is not exactly bombproof...
  6. goonstroke

    Furthest you have carried to launch a canoe?

    5.5 miles, from Third Machias to Fifth Machias (Downeast Maine) to start a solo trip. I'd planned to drop boat/gear near the put-in and do a foot shuttle of that distance, but it was early April and the roads were closed due to frost, etc. I probably should have known that, but I was tripping...
  7. goonstroke

    Photos of Portage / Canoe Carry Signs

    A rod here, a chain there, why not just round up to the next furlong to keep it simple?
  8. goonstroke

    Yukon River Quest 2022

    A friend of mine is doing the Yukon 1000 this year. I'm a little jealous, but at least I get to do the MR 340 again.
  9. goonstroke

    Wenonah vs tree repair

    You are so a gunwale-ninja if you do this! I would think a 1" square tube would be more stiffness than you need. Can you get 3/4"? Have you considered blowing off the outwale bend and just using a simple strip of 1" (or 3/4") aluminum for the outwale (i.e., almost no outwale -- a long washer)...
  10. goonstroke

    Definitely not another Explorer!

    There are a lot of Discos ... I think of the 158 and 169 as "classic" Discos, but there are also 119, 133, 164, 174 IIRC. Could it be a 164? It doesn't look like a 158/169, those have more recurved stems. I share your hatred of those plastic buttsweat petri dish seats. Also they're heavy...
  11. goonstroke

    Dreamboat Rebuild Rebuild

    I've always wondered this, when you measure the bow/stern height of a canoe with rocker, do you measure from the floor, even though the stem is really floating above the floor by approximately the amount of rocker?
  12. goonstroke

    Turkey Tail - Middle/Lower Jo-Mary - Pemadumcook - Twin Lakes Loop

    This was a short trip and there's already good coverage of the area in other TRs, so I'll keep this a lite trip report. I wanted to make a post mainly to make people aware of a couple of less popular access points that enable a self shuttled loop trip. First the references, more on the Jo-Mary...
  13. goonstroke

    The Millinocket Carry, Northern Maine

    Day 3: Moose Pond to Millimagassett Lake I literally awoke refreshed. The previous evening I was totally spent, but food, water and sleep brought me back. We were on the trail, heading south back to the canoe, at a quarter to 8. Our fresh legs made quick work of both the road walk and the...
  14. goonstroke

    5 or 7-Gallon Bucket Mess Kit

    I've had a 6 gal bucket with gamma seal lid for a few years now, and while I like it, it's too big for most of the trips I do (i.e., short and solo). I recently bought a 3.5 gal bucket + gamma lid to try out (venturing all of $20), and I really like the size. I think it would carry about a...
  15. goonstroke

    The Millinocket Carry, Northern Maine

    Day 2: East Branch Penobscot River to Moose Pond We arose at a civilized hour for what we knew would be the most difficult day. We ate a quick breakfast, packed up and got on the "trail" around 9. Looking up at the campsite from the landing -- the first 0.1% of the portage! The crossing...
  16. goonstroke

    The Millinocket Carry, Northern Maine

    "Once the principal route between the upper Aroostook and the East Branch [Penobscot River], this carry was direct, and useable as long as streams were unfrozen. The southern half of the Millinocket Carry is abandoned and a challenge today ... It is a major loss." - Ron Canter, The Allagash and...
  17. goonstroke

    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    Grand Lake Matagamon boat launch near the north entrance to Baxter State Park on Sunday morning after a trip. Boat is an OT Penobscot 16.
  18. goonstroke

    Photo of the day

    Shouldn't every campsite have a pocket beach leading to a flat rock in the sun? Pemadumcook Lake, near Millinocket, Maine.
  19. goonstroke

    Rebuild of a Mad River Traveler

    I hear you about the plastic, and I confess that I do have a couple pieces of sheet vinyl that look like they might become something-I-know-not-what if heated and shaped. Probably not a deck though, I'm living the deck free lifestyle these days. Now that you mention webbing loops, I have a...
  20. goonstroke

    Removable Seat

    This article on in-canoe sleep setups has some interesting ideas for lock pin quick release thwarts. IIRC this appeared in the print version of Canoe Roots at some point.