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  1. lowangle al

    My first wanigan experience

    I used a wanigan for the first time on a recent trip and really liked it. I have had this wanigan since 1999 when I acquired it from a dear friend. He was moving out of state and left me with everything he didn't know what to do with. It marked the end of an era when my garage had a place for...
  2. lowangle al

    A different kind of trip

    I had planned to take an early season trip to the daks last week and my wife had even gotten a couple days off work. As our departure date got closer my wife started complaining about having to spend her time off “crawling around in the dirt”. It got me thinking about how in the last few years...
  3. lowangle al

    Canoe assisted ice fishing.

    My lake froze over two days ago and the ice was only about two inches thick. I wanted to try for a trout so for safety sake I took the boat out there and chopped my holes and set the lines from in the boat. I pushed myself along with that ice harvesting tool laid across the gunnels and the boat...
  4. lowangle al

    New paddle disappointment

    I recently ordered a cherry paddle for my wife from an established maker. I have two cherry paddles from this maker and really like them. They have a very fine and flexy blade are light and a joy to use. I believe they were made in the late 90s as that is when the boat that they came with was...
  5. lowangle al

    Lows Lake October weekend get away

    My wife and I made our first trip that originated from the East in over 30 years and it did not disappoint. We arrived at the put in a couple hours later than planned. We were surprised by the amount of cars parked on the road and we’re concerned about crowds. We got on the water around 1:30...
  6. lowangle al

    One more reason to bring a spare paddle.

    I was out for a paddle this morning when I spotted a sheepshead mushroom at the base of a huge oak tree on the shoreline. I got out of the boat to harvest it. After taking some of it I got back in the boat and pushed off. When I went to grab my paddle it wasn’t there. Looking back there it...
  7. lowangle al

    4th of July trip to Tangle lakes Ak.

    After a last minute decision to head north instead of south because of better weather we headed up the highway on a much longer 5+ hour drive. We hadn’t been north on a trip in almost 20 years, partly due to the drive but more so because of the mosquitos. we enjoyed the ride and it felt like...
  8. lowangle al

    The forgotten item

    I got out for a little trip last week, my first in two years. I had a funny feeling that I had forgotten something. I did, it was a frying pan. It wasn't a critical item, I just had to do without fried eggs. Over the years there have been other forgotten items. The worst things I've forgotten...
  9. lowangle al

    How long is your streak?

    Since 1991 I have taken at least one canoe trip a year. Due to a back injury I was unable to get out this spring and summer. I was hoping to get out in the fall but life had other plans for me. I had a 29 year run, how long is your streak?
  10. lowangle al

    Shellac vs. paint for boat bottom

    I've been paddling my new 20' EM White by Island Falls for about 6 weeks and have come to the conclusion that a shellacked bottom is faster. My impression when I first slid the boat in the water was that there was a lot less friction and it moved noticeably easier on land. Sliding through the...
  11. lowangle al

    W/C canoes and freeze and thaw cycles

    I use and store my boats outside right up to freeze up and am wondering if anyone has ever heard of any issues caused by the moisture in the boat freezing and expanding.
  12. lowangle al

    Afonasi Lake Daytrip

    It was good to be back on the water after not paddling since I got back to Alaska in early June. I hurt my back in Pa. last April but was still able to paddle since I live on a lake and didn't have to move a boat too far. Not living on a lake sure makes it inconvenient to get out when you are...
  13. lowangle al

    Sellers Remorse

    I sold an OT Tripper yesterday and I'm not sorry the boat is gone but I have a bad feeling that the new owner may be "in over his head" for what he wants to do with it. He told me that in his previous boat, some kind of pontoon boat with a 9HP motor, he tried crossing the Knik River to get to...
  14. lowangle al

    How long does canvas last?

    I'm thinking about buying a 22 year old boat made by Jerry Stelmok. I am unable to look at the boat but the seller will hold it with a deposit until I can get to see it in a couple months. It was only used a few times and stored inside the whole time. Can I expect the boat to be in "like new"...
  15. lowangle al

    W/C canoe question

    I have a 1959 OT 16' Guide canoe(it's the lightweight model). The specs say it is 12 inches deep and has a flat bottom. Mine is closer to 14 inches deep and has a round bottom. I like the way it paddles and the hull doesn't look deformed at all, so my question is, did it change shape over the...
  16. lowangle al

    Portaging with a tumpline on yoke

    I was experimenting with a tumpline on my yoke today. I found that as weight was lifted from my shoulders the canoe wanted to swing forward causing the yoke to dig into the back of my neck. Are there any tricks with a tump or was I trying to move too much weight to my head?
  17. lowangle al

    Time to shift gears

    Heavy rain, warm temps and high winds melted almost six inches of ice on my lake overnight. I was skiing in the woods on Friday and it looks like I'll be paddling today. Anyone up for a paddle in NE Pa.?
  18. lowangle al

    A good bear story with a happy ending I had worked for Gene when I first joined the cement masons union. He worked until he retired at about 83. I had heard the story from a fourth guy on the trip, but it wasn't as good as this first hand version. Gene had to surrender...
  19. lowangle al

    Do cold handle pans need to be seasoned?

    I finally got around to scrubbing my pans again after the initial washing did not remove a stubborn film that was on them. I fried some eggs this morning with only a little bit of sticking after I flipped them. Do they need to be seasoned and treated like a cast iron pan or no?
  20. lowangle al

    Paddling Hawaii

    While Hawaii is not a tripping destination it certainly could be a canoeing destination. Canoeing is the state sport in Hawaii and almost every harbor or beach has a canoe club. As far as I know almost all school kids have the opportunity to try paddling with a canoe club. It's nice to see the...