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  1. memaquay

    Amazon epoxy

    I've noticed that with the coffee table/epoxy craze, amazon has started selling epoxy. Here's an example There are multiple varieties, all priced pretty cheaply...
  2. memaquay

    Hammock camper advice

    I'm leaving for a trip on Saturday, and it was going to be my first trip using a hammock. I've got a hennessy jungle expedition. I bought the insulating mat that goes between the layers, and an extended hex fly. Seems very comfortable. However, the weather up here has been completely goofy...
  3. memaquay

    Winter, I divorce thee

    As I sit here, perversely hoping for a snow day so I don't have to go to work, I am rolling in the misery of a long, brutish winter. April is a blink away, and there is still over 3 feet of ice on the lakes. My snowblower has gone into forced retirement, this winter has finished it off. We are...
  4. memaquay

    Carbon Straight Shaft

    So I opened up my wallet and bought one of the only carbon straight shafts available in Canada, a Werner, comes in around 13 ounces. They are sending it uncut. The retailer sent me some excellent instructions. I'm wondering if the MAS or System Three general purpose epoxy I have left will be...
  5. memaquay

    Save the Moose Campaign 2021

    Moose season opened on October 16th this year, and my wife Irene was very excited. It was to be her first time hunting moose. Her mom had killed a nice one in 1979, and Irene was hoping to live up to the legend. The weather for the weekend was bleak, but we were well prepared. We had chosen a...
  6. memaquay

    Crown Land Camping in Ontario suspended again.

    News came out tonight, just as some of us are planning our first canoe trips. Government says the Covid is waiting for us behind every jackpine, especially in areas like Marshall Lake, where there are currently zero human beings. Last year we grudgingly complied, don't think it will be the case...
  7. memaquay

    Wendel Beckwith documentary

    This documentary has recently been posted by the Thunder Bay Museum. It's pretty good, actual interviews with the main people involved, I learned quite a lot.
  8. memaquay

    School me on carbon Fibre paddles

    So I used Alan Gage's old Black Bart paddle for two hours yesterday. I picked up my good old Grey Owl half way through the paddle and it felt like a war club. Couldn't believe the difference. So now I want a 54 inch Straight shaft carbon paddle. What is out there, I am completely a newb with cf...
  9. memaquay

    Nuway stove experiment in a snowtrekker

    I finally got to try out my Nuway propane stove in my snowtrekker tent last weekend. The Nuway is an American made propane stove that vents to the outside of the tent like a wood stove. For the temperatures we were at, it was pretty good. It got to be -5 C overnight, and the little stove...
  10. memaquay

    Portage clearing in the Greenstone Region

    It has been a great summer for canoeing in the Greenstone region. The weather has been unbelievable, and as July unfolded, many people from Southern Ontario began to make the trek up here for trips on Crown land. Even a large number of locals began to give canoeing a try. My buddy and I...
  11. memaquay

    The end of school based canoe clubs?

    Our Outers program has existed at our high school for 53 years. A lot of kids have done some very serious wilderness tripping during that time. The program culminates each June with a lengthy wilderness trip. For many years, it was a 14 day trip, but the Board of Education has slowly eroded...
  12. memaquay

    Crown Land Camping in Ontario opens up on Monday

    Well, boys and girls, the big moment has arrived, canoe tripping season starts on Monday in Ontario! Not much consolation for our American friends, but perhaps that will change soon too.
  13. memaquay

    Things to do with that old poly canoe

    Our local lake, Kenogamisis, is only about 150 feet from my house. The lake covers an enormous area with many bays, arms and creeks and rivers. With all this Covid crap going on, I decided that I would try to keep my freighter canoe docked behind my place, so I can just jump in and go every day...
  14. memaquay

    Gluer or screwer?

    Just to add a little fun to Jim's post, here's a poll to see the ratio of gunwale screwers to gunwale gluer, lol.
  15. memaquay

    Onaman lake repost

    I'm just seeing if this will work. I can only view this report if I'm logged in, and have a friend trying to see it, so I'm reposting. My buddy Rob L. started telling me last year that we needed to reopen the Onaman River. It had last been done by our Outers Club in 1999. He remembered it as a...
  16. memaquay

    Ontario Crown Land shut down

    The last nail in the canoetrippers coffin was delivered yesterday. All provincial parks had already been closed, but now camping on Crown Land is forbidden too. Starting to believe the conspiracy theorists...
  17. memaquay

    The Battle of the Birds Build

    So I've got a student building the Raven, and I'm building an osprey at the same time. My kit came in two days ago, so I'll be ready to start stripping today or tomorrow. My student sourced some really really nice local cedar, he has it all stripped, but he still needs to bead and cove, so I'm...
  18. memaquay

    Build or buy?

    So I need a new solo, something on the light side (40 pounds or less). Thinking about building, but really don't want to go through the process of finding wood, making strips, all that jazz again. Looking at buying pre-made strips, calculate that if i do that, the canoe will probably come in...
  19. memaquay

    Personal hygiene on extended trips (The Deodorant Debate)

    Ok, you grubby grandpas, Let's see what kind of stench you guys can generate on a canoe trip. I'm pretty dirty usually, no deodorant for sure, and I pretty much live off baby wipes. I only swim if it is a nice place. I have washed my hair in a bucket on a 14 day trip, but that often gets ignored...