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    Surplus Ammo Belts as Ditch Kits

    Hello all, My search skills indicate this has been touched upon but I didn't see what I was looking for - but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I have never used one - but I can see the appeal of them for all types of outdoor activities. I have all manner of fanny packs, but my...
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    Salty Snacks when Paddling

    I always take cashews and Pringles. I eat cashews in my day to day life but Pringles come along just for trips. Something about those make sense in the woods and I use the empty container for trash, or to keep my long handled spoons from migrating in my barrel.
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    What is your local day paddle?

    All of you have better local paddles then me - I can be on Irondequoit Bay in Rochester NY in 5 mins, but a much better destination is Hemlock Lake (water supply for Rochester) in about 45 mins. No homes or buildings of any kind of course and it always reminds me of a Scandinavian Fjord. Of...
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    Why Are You Here?

    I have long been interested in canoeing (and everything else outdoors) so it was a natural process for me to dive into the site. I got involved near the end of Solo Tripping. I enjoy most of the content on the site. I often wonder about the circumstances that allow so many of you to have...
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    new satelite communicator

    A short time back there was a discussion about communication devices. Many devices were mentioned along with the inReach. I did some research online of course, but a big factor for my decision were recpeds comments on another thread, maybe on MYCCR. I figured anyone doing the trips he was...
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    What could you leave at home?

    Items to leave behind and misc. ramblings The items I could leave behind are somewhat different than most folks choices, but an 8 pack of small diet cokes, booze, and my portable fish finder would be my best fix for an solid weight savings. I don't bring a bunch of booze when soloing, but a...
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    What was the first river you ever paddled?

    Michigamme River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
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    Customer Service at it's Best

    Hi Black_Fly, I also have some Iversons from waaayy back in the day. I used to live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and drove past the place for years. I highly recommend the rubber bindings that are available for snowshoes. Switched about 40 years ago. You don't even need to buy them - if...
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    The most you've ever paid for a canoe (buy or build)

    Waited till the snow started falling and got a discount on a Wenonah Solo Plus for $2600 - and then got the CCS cover for another $700. And I've used it once.
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    Question on Clipper Canoe

    Two messages in and no response. It appears I am back to my original plan. Thanks everyone.
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    Canoe storage stand/rack

    Please bear in mind I do not possess one iota of construction ability, so the attached shows the upper limit of my capabilities. It does work for me, I can add another level for another canoe or even take the entire thing down if I need the space. Cost just about nothing - pre Covid.
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    Compression Sacks

    Thank you for the replies everyone. I use the familiar sleeping bag/clothes process but was wondering if people took it further, i.e one for the tent/tarp/mosquito netting etc. I will check out some of the companies above. Thanks again.
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    Compression Sacks

    Morning all, Curious as to your compression sack habits. Do you use them for everything that is compressible in your pack or just certain items? Also, where do you go for your compression sack needs? I have them from several sources and don't like any of them, but they are all at least 20...
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    Question on Clipper Canoe

    Thank you for the replies everyone. Between those and a bunch of searching I have ramped up my interest even more. I already have an email into Clipper. No real dealers here in Western NY. I could go to Toronto, but he border is an issue. It looks like distribution for the US is...
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    Question on Clipper Canoe

    Hi folks, The final canoe (hah) in my canoe quiver has been on the back-burner for a while now, and I am starting to think about this a bit more. As Chick and I return to Michigan I want a canoe for the big water, primarily Lake Superior, (but other state, national and provincial parks will...
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    Very inexpensive gear that is very valuable

    Not gear per say, however I always bring a backgammon board. $2.00 at any garage sale.
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    York Pack as solo wannigan

    I have a pack frame with a shelf on the bottom designed for hauling stuff. The shelf folds up and down depending if you need it or not. I carry my 60 barrel on here, along with my boots, fishing rods, fish finder and anything else I want to strap on. It is a full on backpacking frame with...
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    Your canoe trip plans, hopes, dreams for 2022

    ADK's for me - 9 Carries in the spring and re-do Little Tupper Lake - Lake Lila - and Low's to the lower dam in the fall - I did this in 3 days some years ago but I want to go back for a more relaxed pace and spend time fishing.
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    While we are on the subject of pants...

    Very true SP, Chick purchased a new pair directly from Bean, and upon arrival and brief look they were returned. Armed with this knowledge I purchased an older, but practically new pair on e-bay for $75.00. No doubt the seller knew of the new Bean quality issues, and he reeled me in. I...
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    While we are on the subject of pants...

    Two reliable standby's for me here. I do bring 2 pairs of pants when I am out there. LL Bean Mountain pants, which I have had so long I don't recall even buying them. It as back when the gem tones were popular. I got one of their anoraks at the same time, and it is still going strong...