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    Surplus Ammo Belts as Ditch Kits

    Hello all, My search skills indicate this has been touched upon but I didn't see what I was looking for - but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I have never used one - but I can see the appeal of them for all types of outdoor activities. I have all manner of fanny packs, but my...
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    Compression Sacks

    Morning all, Curious as to your compression sack habits. Do you use them for everything that is compressible in your pack or just certain items? Also, where do you go for your compression sack needs? I have them from several sources and don't like any of them, but they are all at least 20...
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    Question on Clipper Canoe

    Hi folks, The final canoe (hah) in my canoe quiver has been on the back-burner for a while now, and I am starting to think about this a bit more. As Chick and I return to Michigan I want a canoe for the big water, primarily Lake Superior, (but other state, national and provincial parks will...
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    Rowing the Beast

    Evening everyone, I am wondering if anyone has any experience/knowledge with the rowing rigs made for aluminum canoes, in my case a Grumman 17' standard. I put motors on it for fishing and such but have always liked rowing - feels good for my ageing back - and would like to look at rowing...
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    Canoe length and charter flights

    Hello all, I have wanted to buy a big flat water tripper for some time. Chick and I rented a few (Champlain, Minn. II, Northwoods, etc) for these base camping trips that seem to become more frequent. We both liked the Champlain so figured we would go that route. 18' seemed fine to me, but...
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    2005 Mad River Canoe Catalog

    Hello everyone, Cleaning out my basement yields potential treasure. If you always wanted, or maybe had but misplaced, your 2005 MR cat it is yours for the asking. Pretty good shape too.,
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    Addressing a canoe puncture in the field

    Hello all, I have never had this happen, but I was curious at to how you fix a flat in the field. There are many scenario's I am sure. If I am using duct tape to get myself home, do I ;place strips fore/aft, gunnel/gunnel or both? Also, how many layers of tape do you use? This could tie...
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    Oar Holders

    Hello all, I am trying to locate an oar holder - this may be the wrong description. For a boat, while on the water there is a a device that you can set your oar blade in when not is use. It is sort of "U" shaped, and clamps on to the gunnel by the transom. Keeps the water from dripping into...
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    Those damn dams

    Good morning folks, I have a question on traversing dams in my Kevlar canoe. When canoeing the Oswegatchie in my Royalex canoe when I encountered dams at the waterline I could just glide right over them. When I encountered some that were above the waterline a bit I would exit the canoe, stand...
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    I exclusively use disposable camera's, but.....'s time to move on. Thank you for your help on the optics. Monocular should be here Wednesday. I hate cameras. I tried to get into them, even bought a 35mm 30 years ago. Still sits in my closet. If I could Uri Geller pictures into my albums I would. I don't want to take my...
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    Optics for the ageing eyes

    First, let me apologize for posting this. I used the search function to find some info but being 100% honest I hate using the search function. I did look though. For about a minute. Need some optics. My once "incredible distance vision" isn't holding up the way I had hoped. Don't really...
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    Chargers for electronics and inReach question

    Generally I love researching gear. I can spend hours on it, but doing research on portable battery chargers is just putting me to sleep, I searched and there are some threads on here but many are quite old and I figure there must have been some improvements over the years. I don't currently...
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    Breathable waist high waders

    Good evening, I fish all the time. In the colder months for salmon and steelhead I fish out of my canoe with regular old chest waders. Drift down to a spot, beach canoe, get out and fish. Repeat. I use rubber boots for canoeing. Sometimes I walk out too far and fill them with water. I...
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    Dry Bags

    Good morning, I am almost done upgrading/changing out gear and I can leave you good folks alone - for awhile. Found a Camp Trails Tripper at Johnson Camping about a decade ago. Waiting for it to die but it won't - it was so cheap I had to buy it, but I didn't think Camp Trails was a good...
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    Commercially available freeze dried foods

    This has been a point of contention between Chick and me forever so we decided to let the board make the decision. On our canoe trips I have always placed my freeze dried meals in zip locked plastic bags in the barrel. I double bag everything (toothpaste, sunscreen, etc) and always have. I...
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    ALPS Mountaineering Tent

    Good afternoon, Does anyone had any experience/knowledge with Alps Mountaineering tents? I don't need another tent but I see a 4 season (I am guessing "lite" 4 season) tent that is only $200, which might be worth buying as a loaner, back-up, or just to keep the miles off my more expensive...
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    Hello from Western NY

    Hello all, Looking forward to joining the forums. A fantastic amount of information on this site - can't wait to learn more.