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  1. Aslowhand

    Photo of the day

    Not today but a week ago, Lake of Thoune, Switzerland
  2. Aslowhand

    Fears while paddling or on canoe trips

    Making bad decisions that have dire consequences. That's what I fear most.
  3. Aslowhand

    Poll: Tobacco & nicotine, and canoe stories about use

    I'm smoking those cancer sticks that recped mentioned. I'm educated about the risks. I also use tobacco for another reason on wilderness canoe trips: I was told that you place some tobacco after crossing a height of land at the beginning of a new river system or if you visit a pictograph site...
  4. Aslowhand

    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    It's a small car........but it works.......;)
  5. Aslowhand

    Your canoe trip plans, hopes, dreams for 2022

    Planning (and dreaming of) a trip to Northern Ontario either in Wabakimi or adjacent crown land. 3 to 4 weeks solo, starting end of May.
  6. Aslowhand

    Photo of the day

    Yesterday, last paddle in 2021: Today, first paddle in 2022: What a difference! I take this as a good sign for this year! Wish you all a happy new year! Greetings from Switzerland André
  7. Aslowhand

    Voyageur portage loads - still almost unbelievable...

    I was born into a family that made a living from alpine farming. We produced meat, cheese and other dairy products. The alp/pastures that my family managed had several sections with huts at different heights. No roads, no machines. Everything had to be carried up and down on our back (and the...
  8. Aslowhand

    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas from (today rainy) Switzerland!
  9. Aslowhand

    Cooking fuel

    Thank you Bothwell Voyageur for your answer! Please don't get me wrong, I'm not the one who wants to start a forest fire! 1. I'm aware of the open fire rule in Manitoba and can imagine the reasons why it's like that. I follow the rules when a fire ban is imposed. 2. Here I'm with you! The...
  10. Aslowhand

    Cooking fuel

    Why should I bring fuel in the bush when it's already there? I use wood for cooking on fire, in very wet conditions a twig stove. As a back up I bring a trangia alcohol burner that fits in the twig stove.
  11. Aslowhand

    Photo of the day

    Day paddle yesterday, Lake of Thoune Switzerland. The air temperature was a bit below freezing (-1.6 C) and there was a thick layer of fog above.... today I decided to take the mountaineering skis out for a walk (sorry not canoe related).... on this picture you can see the thick layer of...
  12. Aslowhand

    Carrying a gun when canoe traveling just because

    As a foreigner in the USA / Canada, I never think of taking a gun with me on my wilderness trips. I don't take a gun with me when I travel where I live. (I don't want to start a discussion about guns versus bear spray!) I carry bear spray in the bush. I share the fear of homo sapiens sapiens...
  13. Aslowhand

    advices for a beginner from Italy

    Marco, This is a German site dedicated to open canoes/canoeing. Maybe this helps a little. André
  14. Aslowhand

    advices for a beginner from Italy

    Benvenuto Marco, Fellow European single blade paddler here. You found a bunch of friendly and very knowledgable people on this forum. Don't worry about your English skills. Congratulations to the birth of your child! Much good advice has already been given. You intend to take classes. Good...
  15. Aslowhand

    Paddling you've done outside of the USA and Canada

    Yellowcanoe Oh yes. I was able to paddle in Northern Ontario several times. I love the boreal forest of the Canadian Shield! On the occasion of a long trip through the USA and Canada, I was able to dip a paddle in the waters of Georgia, Florida, British Columbia, North Western Territories and...
  16. Aslowhand

    Paddling you've done outside of the USA and Canada

    Since I live in Europe.... of course I paddled outside of the USA or Canada.... Switzerland France Italy couldn't find pictures from Spain, Germany, Austria. In 1987 I had the chance to paddle in Eastern Germany (GDR) in "Spreewald". On our journey back home our camera was...
  17. Aslowhand

    Preferred tripping style ?

    Mostly solo. At work I have to use (and improve) my "interpersonal" skills every day. That's why I enjoy solotripping. Years ago my preferred tripping partner quit paddling due to health issues. I never found anybody to "replace" him. Sometimes my daughter joins me, but she has a lot of other...
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    Photo of the day

    Day paddle, Lake of Thoune Greetings from Switzerland André