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  1. dcloots

    Downeast Lakes Water Trail, Maine

    After a bungled attempt at a Northern Maine canoe trip in September (due to a distressed vehicle situation on the Golden Road), I needed to venture out again before the snow starts flying. I loaded up the new adventure wagon October 8th and headed out to the Downeast Lakes region with a put in...
  2. dcloots

    Wood Canvas Canoe Identification help

    Need some help identifying this canoe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. dcloots

    Rocky Lake (Rocky Lake Public Reserved Land)

    Couldn't resist the weather this past weekend to head out on another and most likely last canoe trip of the season. I received the greenlight from the wife to head out on a late season middle of November Canoe trip to the Rocky Lake Public Reserve Lands. Day time temperatures mingled in the mid...
  4. dcloots

    Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area Loop, Part 2

    Part 2 of my journey started with a windy departure from the Third Debsconeag high bluff campsite across the lake in 15-20 mph wind conditions. Had to make a decision to leave since the weather report provided by my Garmin Inreach Explorer indicated stronger winds for this particular day and...
  5. dcloots

    Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area Canoe Loop

    Returned September 20th from a 4 day, 3 night back country canoe trip through the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area. Completed the Debs Lake Loop from Grant Brook Road Bridge, West Branch Penobscot, Ambejejus Lake, Pemadumcook Lake, Third Debsconeag Lake, Second Debsconeag Lake, First Debsconeag...
  6. dcloots

    Day Trip on Crescent Lake, Tenny River and Panther Pond, ME with Al Gale (Alsg)

    Alsg was in Maine and reached out for a day paddle so we both were able to make that happen. We paddled our handbuilt cedar strip Wabnaki’s and had a great day. Weather was exceptional. Check out the video on this following link.
  7. dcloots

    Father / Son Canoe Camping Trip at Seboies Lake Public Reserved Lands, July 2020

    My son and I just returned from our weekend getaway to Seboeis Lake, Maine. We loaded up and paddled the Wabnaki tandem and I was extremely pleased with the stability of the canoe. Camden was very impressed and comfortable with the webbed seats. He is not a big fan of the molded seats. On...
  8. dcloots

    Allagash Lake Loop June 2020

    Allagash Lake Loop Solo Trip, Maine June 2020 My most recent trip which took me on a loop trip through the Allagash region of Maine using my new hand built cedar strip canoe.
  9. dcloots

    2020 St. John River Trip

    Had the luxury of realizing the planned St.John River trip this year when Governor Mills lifted the ban in a timely manner for back country camping. Paddled from Baker Lake to Dickey Bridge with my father and a group of 4 that we met up with on day 2 of our trip. We did not know the people...
  10. dcloots

    2020 St.John River Trip

    First trip of the 2020 paddling season will be down the Mighty St.John River with my Dad “The Pistol”. He has run it many times and I have the luxury of paddling once again with my “Dad”. Priceless! Thought last year may have been our last trip together, but his back is feeling great and we have...
  11. dcloots

    My First Canoe Build

    Started on my Wabnaki canoe build and put the video camera to work as well. Trying to get better at the video thing and hoping for the best with the canoe building thing. Everything seems to be going well thus far. Have to bead and cove my strips and then we are off to the races. My First...
  12. dcloots

    Mad River Tahoe 14’ Royalex - $450

    Mad River 14’ Tahoe Royalex canoe for sale. Aluminum gunwales. Good condition with normal hull scratches from recent trips. Looking to upgrade. $450
  13. dcloots

    2019 Penobscot River West Branch / Chesuncook Lake Solo Trip

    It was the summer of 2018 when I first navigated the wilds of the Penobscot River West Branch and Chesuncook Lake with a take-out at Allagash Gateway Campground. I never properly wrote a trip report but did include my trip as a response in Goonstrokes trip report here...
  14. dcloots

    Allagash 2019

    After my solo trip through the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area in early Spring (one week after ice-out), it was time to start planning the family trip to the Allagash. We called it the 2019 "Bash at the Gash". My Dad "Pistol Pete Cloutier"...
  15. dcloots

    Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area Canoe Loop Solo

    Recently set out on my Debsconeag Loop trip Solo May 15th, 2019. The trip was a two night three day trip that took me from the Grant Brook Road Bridge down through Ambajesus Falls, Ambajesus Lake, Pemadumcook Lake, 3rd Debsconeag, 2nd Debsconeag, 1st Debsconeag then into the West Branch of the...
  16. dcloots

    Dry Suits, who is using them?

    I have never personally owned or used a dry suit but as I get older my conservatism grows a bit as well. Researching all of the different options and am blown away by the pricing. I realize this is a life saving / survival piece of gear especially in the cold water months, but $500 - $1,000 is...