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  1. DChenault

    $50 Sawyer DY Special restoration

    Hunting season and the general fun of October and November put this project on the rack. I picked things back up a few weeks ago, with lots and lots of sanding to get the hull cleaned up and ready for epoxy. As mentioned, the area towards the stern proved the most recalcitrant, with degrading...
  2. DChenault

    Large Game - Managing meat condition during warmer temperatures.

    Forgive the late reply. Having to take the whole carcass makes things more complicated but should be doable. I'd bone out everything, which on a deer should yield ~40-50 liters of meat (assuming neck, ribs, shanks, etc). For longer pack outs with bigger critters like elk I bone out each...
  3. DChenault

    $50 Sawyer DY Special restoration

    Gorgeous boat. And yes, those files would be an immense help!
  4. DChenault

    $50 Sawyer DY Special restoration

    I bought this canoe for 50 dollars (and a 400 mile round trip drive) off Craigslist. It is a 1985 DY Special, I believe in superlight kevlar (based on the weight after I got all the wood planking off last night). I got it from the original owner who, after years of using it in the BWCA and...