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  1. Glenn MacGrady

    Books that made a profound impact

    Well, I became interested in canoeing long before I ever became interested in reading books about canoeing. I suppose the most influential book for me when I bought my first canoe in San Jose, California, in 1980 was Ann Dwyer's Canoeing Waters of California. I used to pour over it planning my...
  2. Glenn MacGrady

    Flora identification

    Okay, WP, but for this thread and especially as a Floridian you should be identifying the type of tree and the creeping flora upon it.
  3. Glenn MacGrady

    Another Rebuild, '70's RX Explorer (it’s a sickness)

    So, two hours, about what I would have estimated. Taking photos, uploading them, downloading them, and writing and editing lengthy text takes me quite a while, but I enjoy it if it can provide information or entertainment to others. Metric prefixes are very valuable to attach to a variety of...
  4. Glenn MacGrady

    Another Rebuild, '70's RX Explorer (it’s a sickness)

    Since the work effort is so diligent, precise and admirable, I can only inquire about miscellania, if not trivia and non sequituria: Or you could just use white vinyl pinstriping tape, which would obviate the need for masking tape and paint fringing issues. I've noticed that wood-canvas...
  5. Glenn MacGrady

    Strobe Function on Flashlights, yes or no?

    Yes, if it's just one of three functions, the other two being low and high beam. It's a safety beacon or attention-getting function, not a regular use illumination function, and it's no big deal to click through three functions. I have used lamp beacon functions to mark obscure put-ins for...
  6. Glenn MacGrady

    Matches improved!

    I think the demise of "strike anywhere" matches is due to the increasing popularity of disposable butane lighters ("Flick your Bic") beginning in 1973 . . . . . . and to the push for "safety" matches. On this issue, I can't do any better than quote the following Quora answer: "The two main...
  7. Glenn MacGrady

    Video: Waiting on the Wind

    Good to hear. Very nice video. Different from the usual editing. Glad you left in the problems. Murphy's Law will always accompany a canoe tripper, and the best we can do is hope to minimize it. Are you palm rolling the paddle at 2:02?
  8. Glenn MacGrady

    Interpreting the CTN logo picture, plus some history of it

    I spent many hours creating and experimenting with dozens of differently colorized versions of the pencil sketch. At one time, I was thinking of having a differently colored pencil sketch header for each of the four different site color themes—black/gray, brown, green, blue—that I was imagining...
  9. Glenn MacGrady

    Finland is Dream Destination for Canoe Tripping
  10. Glenn MacGrady

    Very inexpensive gear that is very valuable

    Luci Lights could be a topic by itself, but I haven't found them to be satisfactory for my nocturnal reading. I bought two on sale about 18 months ago. I find them good for general illumination. However, the light is not bright or focused enough to me to read easily in tent or van. Plus the...
  11. Glenn MacGrady

    Poll: Tobacco & nicotine, and canoe stories about use

    The informational aspect if this poll topic is another about site demographics: how we currently use tobacco or nicotine, if at all. The discussion aspect can be stories about tobacco usage while canoeing now; or, more likely since many of us may have given up tobacco, it can be stories from the...
  12. Glenn MacGrady

    Your canoe trip plans, hopes, dreams for 2022

    As a Clan Cameron descendant, I've wanted to do this since visiting Scotland in 1985. After I got back, I corresponded about trips with a paddle shop in Scotland that had a small blurb in Canoe Magazine via a new communication technology—fax machine. Do it now before it becomes too late in...
  13. Glenn MacGrady

    Very inexpensive gear that is very valuable

    Welcome to site membership, Salty dog!
  14. Glenn MacGrady

    Interpreting the CTN logo picture, plus some history of it

    Robin must have implemented the pencil sketch header on May 3, 2016, because THIS THREAD talks about it, and reminds us that the previous header was a rotation of three pictures, none of which I remember. Earlier than that, on June 14, 2014, Robin introduced a header of a canoeist in a misty...
  15. Glenn MacGrady


    I'd forgotten about Lava since my childhood. Yes, I recall it was a very effective daily soap for us kids who had no shower and took a bath only on Saturday night. Around the house, which isn't really relevant since I don't build or outfit canoes, I used to be an Irish Spring guy for decades...
  16. Glenn MacGrady

    Interpreting the CTN logo picture, plus some history of it

    While the site was down for the migration from vBulletin to Xenforo plus customization for a week at the end of August 2021, I gave a lot of thought and effort to what I wanted to do, if anything, with the site logo/picture. Originally, the site had a picture of Willis Brown's canoe, which...
  17. Glenn MacGrady

    What is the ideal canoe dog for a solo canoeist?

    The way things are going, a Manchester Terrier might be able to carry more than I can.
  18. Glenn MacGrady

    What is the ideal canoe dog for a solo canoeist?

    Kevin Callan uses an umbrella attached to the canoe with PVC pipe or Bungee Dealee Bobs to protect his dog from the sun. He shows and talks about it at 3:30 of this video, which is pretty informative as a whole on the subject of canoeing with dogs, without much of his usual goofing off.
  19. Glenn MacGrady

    Very inexpensive gear that is very valuable

    I used the following formula to calculate the dollar limit, but experienced members can use their own methodology.
  20. Glenn MacGrady

    Why Your Next Canoe Trip Should Be Solo

    All the time. Small rivers and creeks are my favorite, along with swamps and vlies. Not whitewater rivers above class 1, although I may have done so occasionally in my more expert youth. In the East, especially the Southeast, there are thousands of sub-class 1 rivers, creeks and spring runs...