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    Flora identification

    Hi Snapper. At the University of Washington we were in the field at least two days a week even in winter. One quarter was spent in the woods near Mt Rainier at the University owned field camp. We had practical instruction in how to use dynamite, drive a D-9 cat, how to pack horses, how to...
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    Alone Across The Arctic: Movie

    Around age 12, the Arctic explorers became irresistible. I read them all. We used to do snow camping trips every winter often on cross country skis. My dog would pull a light sled. At age 71 the cold has lost its allure. Had to give up telemark and cross country skiing due to injuries. A...
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    Flora identification

    I figured out by the age of 9, that being in the woods was the one place I felt most at home. Studying forestry and range management allowed for a career of dealing with plants for a living. I have worked in every western state and spent part of 2 years in SE Alaska on the Tongass National...
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    Fears while paddling or on canoe trips

    I use blood thinners now so carrying an axe is much less appealing.
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    Interpreting the CTN logo picture, plus some history of it

    I like the logo just fine, but it has always seemed odd to see a guy paddling from the aft deck.
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    Books that made a profound impact

    We belong to the same fraternity of paddlers. In college John Muir, Ralph Waldo Emerson and HD Thoreau started me on the path to becoming a forester. Then is was Robert Marshall, Robert Service, Townsend Whelen, Calvin Rutstrom, Nessmonk, Bradford Angier, Horace Kephart, Sig Olsen, Verlen...
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    Safety on the Buffalo.. hug that rootwad

    No pay phones? When was this written? It is still mostly accurate.
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    Strobe Function on Flashlights, yes or no?

    Now I like Petzl. They also come in bright colors so it is easier to find them.
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    Carrying a gun when canoe traveling just because

    Bears at Lake Tahoe are habituated and create all kinds of problems. They break into houses and take everything out of the refrigerator and pantry and then take a nap. People come home to a big mess and a sleeping bear. Some bears have figured out how to pull the siding off and push the sheet...
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    Matches improved!

    We burn wood for heat. We get a lot of solar heat in Nevada and so we light fires and let them go out. Our current wood supply is a little greener than usual and we have had lots of snow and rain lately. Lighting fires is not so easy. I use fat wood, little fire starters and either...
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    Strobe Function on Flashlights, yes or no?

    The best head lamps have an on and off function. I don't like strobes, red lights or other gimmicks. I really don't like going through the whole list of functions to get the damned thing off. Camping with other people, it is impolite to walk up to someone with your headlamp pointed at them...
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    Luci Lights (and artificial illumination evolution)

    I like Luci lights, but they are not so dependable as they age. I usually carry two of them to make sure one of them works.
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    Carrying a gun when canoe traveling just because

    Black bears have been known to climb on the roofs of houses to attack people. . I don't like the look of this bear in the photo at all.
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    DIY Duluth #4 Traditional style portage pack.

    Sounds like you have found the right Fastex buckles Lance. I have all kinds of equipment like boat covers with rotten straps and broken buckles.
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    Poll: Tobacco & nicotine, and canoe stories about use

    We smoked cigars 40 years ago to control the mosquitos. So did the women. A friend of mine went on a long canoe trip in what is now the BWCA, in 1938. On a island on a remote portage they found a trappers cache in an old cookie tin. Tobacco, a pipe. beads, some ammo, babiche, needle and...
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    I grew up on Chesapeake Bay. We used to use soap made for salt water. People need to remember to keep soap out of lakes, streams and even the salt water. Use a collapsible bucket or wash basin away from live water. Even "biodegradable soap" should not be used in lakes and streams.
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    DIY Duluth #4 Traditional style portage pack.

    Good idea. Canoe packs get hard use. I don't like plastic buckles because they fail. Nylon can fail after some sun exposure. Brass buckles don't fail. Leather lasts a long time with proper maintenance. Great job of sewing.
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    Canoe protection clear coat/ epoxy

    I just paint em. I use epoxy for repairs and coating wood. Then a couple of coats of high UV resistant varnish.
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    I like blankest. For low elevation desert trips, I bring a flannel sheet and light blankets, no sleeping bag. For cold weather trips, I bring a down bag and 2 Pendleton wool blankets.
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    Hot Tent Sleeping with a Cot or on the Ground?

    I have done it both ways for over 40 years. The wall tent is set up in backyard all winter with a tin wood stove. At 71 I like a cot better, but good insulation is important.