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  1. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Little River Tennessee

    Great report… thank you for sharing…great photos!
  2. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Finally finished my canvas and leather portage pack!

    That is amazing… great job. IMHO nothing more satisfying than gear that is quality made by the user. Excellent work! Congrats
  3. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Things You Find On Ebay

    Snow and Nealley canoe pole shoe
  4. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Music for the drive to, during, or the drive back from canoe trips?

    Thank you for sharing these… really enjoyed the listen…especially Lucifer’s Portage
  5. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    The Strange Things You See on the River

    As yknpdlr has linked…beer… I tried to find some😂 so gold of sorts
  6. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    The Strange Things You See on the River

    On this river I live on, the Oswego River in NY we have old storage “caves”. They are pretty neat and quite spacious
  7. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Hemlock SRT Ordered

    Thank you… that makes sense about the softness and springiness… I will endeavor to order and install. I have been using a pad designed for kneeling but it is covered in cordura and after a spell it starts to make itself known to my knees. Thx again!
  8. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Hemlock SRT Ordered

    Glenn Glenn- what kneeling pads are those? Thank you
  9. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    5 miles in a green canoe on green water.

    Glad you are back at it…enjoy!
  10. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    The Tangerine Dream arrived early! (New Hemlock SRT)

    Congrats! I think there will be many o’ picture with that canoe with a sunset or sunrise complimenting its sleek lines and color… and fall season will be amazing! Enjoy!
  11. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    New to me Chestnut Chum

    Beautiful boat- sorry about the mishaps. I hope all gets resolved and you can enjoy such a beautiful vessel. Cheers DT
  12. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Tarp type and set-up style, and let's see some pix

    CCS- day one NFCT 2023- Alger Island… about to wait out a bad 3 hour Thunderstorm.
  13. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Introduction from upstate/Adirondacks NY

    Hi JC- Welcome to the forum! Well… I dropped the seat about as low as I could with still maintaining the ability to remove my feet in case of a flip. It marginally helped. I did find that after a weeks trip canoeing in Quebec in a tandem in the stern with a seat very high and a bow partner...
  14. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Florida day tripping with Jake and my Wife …

    B Be right there for them eggs!
  15. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    2/19-21/24 Big Pond Catskills NY (+ hearing aid discussion)

    Coldfeet- Looks like a great time… I too enjoy my snowtrekker and was north in the ADK’s for the same reasons. I noticed you have the Firebox. I value mine…I have tried many different types of stoves and found this version of stove to be the most versatile for my situations. I hope you are...
  16. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Hemlock SRT Ordered

    Congrats! That will look amazing! I also have an SRT- I removed 1 inch from the drops so I can get my feet in and out easier and made paddling with my torso higher- more maneuverable - as a single stick paddler and since I have long arms, its easier on my shoulders when paddling for long...
  17. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    3 Minutes with a Maine Guide Video Episodes

    at the Maine Canoe Symposium last year… I vaguely remember she and her husband mentioning they were getting a WC canoe from someone. So maybe we will see a cameo in one of the episodes… I know the canvas pack makes many of the videos. Cheers all!
  18. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Winter footwear preferences?

    I second the Steger mukluks
  19. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Winter camp is ready to go.

    Coop and I enjoyed some pancakes in the STrekker this weekend Agree that rain is no fun!
  20. Crazy Trout Craft (CTC)

    Winter camp is ready to go.

    Bob! I’ll be right there… got my snowshoes, anorak and whiskey! 😂 Looks awesome…. Coop does the same thing to me when I head out without him. Enjoy that timber and tent! Cheers Drew