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  1. Odyssey

    Temagami Trip This Summer

    Steamboats stopped plying the waters long before I spent vacations there. http://www.ottertooth.com/Temagami/History/steamer1.htm Good luck with your trip. It sounds wonderful!
  2. Odyssey

    Temagami Trip This Summer

    There is ample free parking at the end of Central Access Rd where cottagers and Temagami Island FN park (they have their own resstricted parking area). This is a Lake Temagami access with docks and boat ramp. However this is a drive outside of town, but if you wanted to alter your route...
  3. Odyssey

    Temagami Trip This Summer

    Just some ideas. Temagami Outfitters is located not far from the docks, they might know about parking. An OPP office is located across from the docks, they might be of help. And then there's the Info desk in the old train station. Otherwise though not in the village possibly there is Temagami...
  4. Odyssey

    Four friends, seven days, 100 km of paddling on a lake tour in Germany's most beautiful paddle region

    Your post-trip backyard scatter looks like mine. Clotheslines are sooo handy aren't they?! I daydream while I'm deconstructing the whole affair, remembering the small moments we enjoyed while I do the tedious tasks of drying, reorganizing, packing away...extends the trip. The very little I know...
  5. Odyssey

    1st paddle (AKA a Paddle from Scrap?) plus a wood glue discussion

    It's looking really good to me! Can't wait for the rain to let up.
  6. Odyssey

    Music for the drive to, during, or the drive back from canoe trips?

    When my late father was in recovery for a serious health issue he was advised to get out and about going for walks. In addition to that he acquired a treadmill. I remember he mentioned the tediousness of it all, so I thought I'd be helpful by gifting him a new fangled portable tape cassette...
  7. Odyssey

    Sasquatch sighting

    Hmm. I checked and you don't appear on this data base. Yet. You may've provided them the best fishing story ever. https://bfro.net/GDB/newadd.asp?Show=AB
  8. Odyssey

    Cooking Fish

    We bring some squares of Heavy Duty aluminum foil. Oil it very lightly and parcel up whatever you're cooking; fish, vegetables, mixed grill also tossed in just a little bit of oil (or marg, ghee, whatever)...Cook on indirect heat so's not to burn the contents. After emptying the parcels onto...
  9. Odyssey

    Northern lights

    So glad so many saw the light(s). Great photos! Thanks for all of them. I tried again last night to see the show but the weather was unwilling to unveil the sky. I did sit in my muskoka/adirondack chair on the old backporch to sit and sip quietly. Patiently. A fine drizzle gently wetted my face...
  10. Odyssey

    Cooking Fish

    1) Open the can and drain the fish. Save the oil for the caesar salad later. 2) Halve the avocado. Knife out the pit and scoop out the flesh. 3) Combine the fish and avocado along with a dollop of the homemade mayonnaise you prepared from the free range chicken eggs you gathered in the morning...
  11. Odyssey

    Northern lights

    I was up and around after midnight so there was no excuse not to step outside for a look. Despite some whispy cirrus tickling the stars I saw no aurora borealis. The urban light pollution didn't help matters any. After a good long while a coydog came up out of the ravine and made its inspections...
  12. Odyssey


    wow. does this mean we've run out of bear stories?
  13. Odyssey

    Paddle making extravaganza

    Really nice work. Take any photos of the talented craftspeople holding their paddles? They should go in the Yearbook for sure.
  14. Odyssey

    New cars: are they as impossible as they seem for cartopping?

    The other day as I was watching the ballgame a commercial kept coming up between innings, as they too often do. There was this cool dude, hauling his precious cargo of ATVs heading somewhere with his guy friends, and they were all laughing without a care in the world. And then...he pushed a...
  15. Odyssey

    Alan Gage is now a site Moderator

    Smooth move Glenn. Thanks. Good man. Alan, may you always use your Super Powers for Good, never Evil. But I suspect that comes naturally to you. Another good man.
  16. Odyssey

    Paddle making extravaganza

    Nice. Are you gonna let the kids paint that paddle? If I were you I wouldn't let Darby, Danielle, Kelly or KIm anywhere near that. Just a hunch.
  17. Odyssey

    Mesmerizing/Interesting Phenomena & Experiences Without An Eclipse

    There are aspects of city life I love, but I find there are two serious drawbacks, noise and light pollution. I can only just make out a handful of stars from my urban backyard, surrounded as I am by streetlights and porchlights, and even late at night there is the occasional rumble of traffic...
  18. Odyssey

    Decision Time—Thwart Interfering with Seat Back

    Listen to your body. Chances are if you're anywhere near grey beard country then you've earned some comfort. Besides, isn't it more important to have the seat ideally located for trim purposes than the thwart? The thwart moved aft a couple inches might make a world of difference to your position...
  19. Odyssey

    Supermarket Food Ideas for Extended Tripping

    I'm a very lucky guy. My wife loves cooking. I do too but it doesn't come naturally to me as it seems to for her. Whereas she works from inspiration I work from written down recipes. That's the best I can do. It's always strange territory figuring out which ingredients and flavours work...
  20. Odyssey

    Paddle making extravaganza

    You can't quit yet. There are paddles to make! BTW, can I have my dracula mask back?