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  1. JohnSand

    Looking for a paddle

    I think I have bought all of my paddles used. Look at local classifieds, buy a few.
  2. JohnSand

    The Appeal of a Long Wilderness Trip?

    This thread came to mind recently when I finished another sail voyage. I opted out of the trans Atlantic trip. The boat is too small, the trip too long. The skipper was unable to find any other crew for that crossing. He started planning to sail to Bermuda and back. I accepted an invitation to...
  3. JohnSand

    1st paddle (AKA a Paddle from Scrap?) plus a wood glue discussion

    Very cool, thanks for sharing. Using your hands to as measuring tools works very well, especially to judge smoothness. Gorilla Glue is good stuff, but not permanently waterproof. I used it to repair an oar blade. It lasted a long time, then one day the edge just fell off. Those oars got used...
  4. JohnSand

    Folbot: Fix, Experiment or Set Free?

    That looks pretty rough. I've had three Folbots, one a non folder that leaked. I did some repairs with AquaSeal, some with Gorilla Tape. But I didn't have gaping holes. Mine was a 17.5' Super, and ridiculously stable. I later stripped the skin thinking to cover it with something lighter, but...
  5. JohnSand

    Wind threshold

    The boat has a glued lapstrake plywood hull, it's light and stiff, designed for double paddle. A prior owner added the sail rig, a BSD Classic Canoe 36. The hull was never designed to sail, much less with a tall rig twisting it in a fresh breeze, and a tall man hiking out the other way. The lap...
  6. JohnSand

    Wind threshold

    I haven't done any long canoe trips. When I paddle locally I generally choose days with no more than a gentle breeze. I would have to review my logs to find the highest breeze I have sailed in a canoe. For certain I can say that twice it was too much, once completely capsizing in cold water and...
  7. JohnSand

    Canoeist Survives Underwater Gunfight On Amazon River

    Seems like a bad spot for a vacation.
  8. JohnSand

    Mostly-restored 1908 17' Old Town HW ($500)

    Someone at the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association might be interested. Good luck with it.
  9. JohnSand

    Oak Stripper

    I've been involved with wooden boats for decades, people will often confuse materials or forget details. I doubt it's all oak.
  10. JohnSand

    The Joy of (Self-Imposed) Canoe Trip Suffering

    Like going to sea on sailboats, to see and experience things that can only be found in that way.
  11. JohnSand

    Plus size canoeing?

    I weigh about 235, my brother has been around 400, we both paddle. Learning to get in and out of a canoe can be a bit of a trick for anyone. Study, practice and caution will help you enjoy this great pastime.
  12. JohnSand

    A perfect paddling day - I didn’t go

    Prudence is a key element of boating.
  13. JohnSand

    Any plans for the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse?

    89% on Long Island. I had a really nice sail in my canoe for a couple of hours. At the peak coverage, the sunlight looked washed out, and the temperature dropped.
  14. JohnSand

    Greetings from NE Texas!

    Welcome aboard! My Dad built a kit canoe when I was four and started me on a lifetime obsession with boats. Thanks Dad!
  15. JohnSand

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    I'm not a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist. I'm a retired cop and dealt with all of their patients on a more immediate basis.
  16. JohnSand

    New cars: are they as impossible as they seem for cartopping?

    While my car is a 2006, I still never use bow or stern ties to the bumpers. (!) Firmly cross strapped, with a line from the bow and stern hitched to the crossbars just in case. Thousands of miles without incident. There are pieces of hose with loops designed to fit under the hood.
  17. JohnSand

    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome aboard! (Waving north toward the Sound)
  18. JohnSand

    Budget Stripper or Wood/Canvas Builds: How to Save Costs

    I've built a kayak, a sailing dinghy and a rowboat. While all were cheaper than buying new, none were cheaper than buying used. The point of building a boat is the challenge and reward of making and using your own homebuilt boat. Launch day is priceless. There are quicker and cheaper canoe...
  19. JohnSand

    Canoe Cradle Stand

    I use a couple of folding saw horses with webbing tied between.
  20. JohnSand

    Who's ready for spring, 2024?

    I do most of my paddling in winter. This year shoulder trouble has kept me ashore since december.