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  1. Holmes375

    What Paddles do you guys use!

    I prefer a shaft length of 35-36". A couple inches longer for the rivers. I'm 6'-2", simian arms & legs. Solo boats.
  2. Holmes375

    What Paddles do you guys use!

    For general paddling I use both a Grey Owl Fleetwood and a Wenonah BlackLite bent. For deep water relaxed paddling I use a Grey Owl Northern Light (ottertail). For the casual rivers I paddle I use a Bending Branches Explorer Plus.
  3. Holmes375

    Re-canvassed Chestnut Playmate back in business

    What a sweet lookin' canoe! You did a great job of it, sir.
  4. Holmes375

    Pocket Flashlight

    When tripping or even just camping I have two headlamps in my emergency kit. Never use them in daily routine, prefer small handhelds. I re-charge the HL batteries each spring and pack 'em away. Thanks for the heads-up on the flashlights, Mike, believe I'll grab a pair.
  5. Holmes375

    G/flex 650 vs G/flex 655?

    I've used both quite a bit and I'd also use the 650 to do Dynel repair patches/plates. I don't use graphite but I do add black pigment to skids.
  6. Holmes375

    Solo seat

    As a kneeling paddler I've always thought the seat in my Magic should be farther back a bit. It's located 4" aft of center as measured to the front seat edge. My experiments with a foam pedestal indicate my kneeling body weight would be ideal with the seat moved back 3 more inches. The Magic is...
  7. Holmes375

    What Now?

    I've been using the FZ1000 since it was introduced. Can't say enough about the camera for use in the natural world. Came from Nikon DSLRs.
  8. Holmes375

    Jerking Meat

    A rum addition might just be tasty, Doug. You should try a small batch and guinea pig it for us ) Agree with Zac on the importance of careful harvest and field dressing protocols for pronghorn. I annually harvest one buck and then 2 or 3 does on surplus tags. A lot of the meat, especially on...
  9. Holmes375

    Jerking Meat

    I like to jerk antelope meat. Lots o' small cuts and bits from those critters after butchering that make for good jerky pulls and dog snacks. Very lean meat. My recipe is similar to those posted but I add some Jack Daniels to the marinade for my people jerky. The dog snack jerky is done rather...
  10. Holmes375

    Size Matters

    I like to tune up the shafts and grips on my wood paddles each fall. Steam/heat any dings if necessary. Smooth things up with some fine grip paper and give them a couple coats of oil. Flat water paddles get tung oil on the shaft, river paddles get an oil, varnish mix. Nice project for a few...
  11. Holmes375

    Size Matters

    I like the BB Expedition Plus for river use. Mine has held up to moderate abuse for quite a few years with the usual annual touch up and maintenance. I re-shape the grip a bit and oil finish it. The BB rock guard edging does seem to hold up unexpectedly well.
  12. Holmes375

    Painter line end treatment?

    Nice work there.
  13. Holmes375

    For the Fishing Folks

    Wouldn't think of leaving camp without my Mepps, they'll put dinner on the grill nearly every time. And they suit my preferred style of simple fishing. Things get too complicated or expensive and I no longer enjoy the sport. I don't fish for trophies or such but I enjoy catchin' breakfast or...
  14. Holmes375

    For the Fishing Folks

    Those lures are quite different from the more usual spinners and such. They are special purpose designs for bass fishing. Top water lures encourage hard predatory strikes that can be most impressive to see when its a big ol' large mouth making the attack. I'd imagine these are aimed primarily at...
  15. Holmes375

    Spar Urethane

    I'm right there with ya! I don't like varnishing, period, and I want to get it done like right now. I don't even fix oopsies unless they stick out like a sore thumb. They get sanded out the next refinish time and are replaced with new ones ;)
  16. Holmes375

    Spring has Sprung!

    Spring is arriving here in central Wyoming, too, but we're expecting 8-10" of nice wet snow tonight thru tomorrow ;) My cedars hate that stuff! Took the little OT Pack upriver a few miles the other day as the ice was leaving the North Platte quickly during a stretch of unusually warm weather...
  17. Holmes375

    Painter line end treatment?

    Nice tip and I thank you it.
  18. Holmes375

    Painter line end treatment?

    Heat shrink tubing at the end. Cut and seal tip with soldering iron where applicable. Tubing is available in a variety of sizes and colors.
  19. Holmes375

    The Green, below Flaming Gorge. ??

    I have, too, and did with these. The first two attempts I loaded from my web site. The pics would appear in my preview only to disappear later after I made the post. The third time I uploaded from my computer and selected the medium size for insertion. Seemed to work and I was pleasantly...