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  1. recped

    Dreaded Cancer, Mark III

    I have always arranged for my cancer surgeries (3 of them) to take place during the off season so that I would have full summers for paddling. On the first one I had to skip a Spring trip in order to finish chemo.
  2. recped

    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    A different configuration doing the shuttle on my recent trip on the Riviere Bazin
  3. recped

    Things you've lost or misplaced on a canoe trip . . .

    My "long spoon", actually several of them including one last week that one of my generous companions had given to me last Spring when I lost my own, I had that one because I had lost the one I brought with me on that trip. That one was a replacement for my original long spoon that I had used for...
  4. recped

    Peterborough Restoration & Copy

    Not relevant to me but the Logo 3 is not loading (the others are fine). I only looked to see it matched my Peterborough that was stolen in 1965....probably does but I really can remember what the original looked like. Sadly my parents bought a Lakefield as a replacement (still "sleeping" in my...
  5. recped

    whitewater chain of command

    My hearing isn't great, in a significant rapid the only way I can accurately hear a bow paddler is if they turn their head around and that makes them almost useless. My tandem running of anything greater than an "easy" C2 is very limited. I do expect the bow paddler to make the fast moves...
  6. recped

    Wind threshold

    When I'm on a solo trip I rarely have a deadline to deal with so I have a fairly low tolerance for wind, If my InReach tells me that I will be facing 20kmph (13mph) or more (headwind) the following day I declare a layover day if I'll be on lakes for most of the day, I will tolerate a bit more...
  7. recped

    What do you use for a table?

    My "table" consists of a piece of Typar which has a primary function as a groundsheet under sleeping pad. My knockoff helinox chair is already pretty close to the ground so I don't need height. What I need on bare ground is a place to put stuff so it won't get lost in the "dirt".
  8. recped

    Need suggestions for backcountry tent??

    I'm also a frequent solo tripper with a half dozen of those in Labrador. While Labrador generally has a lot of open areas and good beach camping there are times when compact is necessary for the reasons you mention. My method of dealing with this is multiple tents! I'm not suggesting you go to...
  9. recped

    New cars: are they as impossible as they seem for cartopping?

    I think when the day comes that I find my 2002 Tacoma converted to a pile of rubble in my driveway (unfortunately Toyota won't pay for a SECOND frame replacement), I will strip it of anything useful which might be primarily the factory installed combo AM/FM, CD and Cassette player. 4wd /...
  10. recped

    Mohawk Odyssey 14 interior and exterior rash

    Because I have it on hand I would add a layer of 4oz s-glass on those interior scrapes. If I didn't have any scrap fabric I would just go with the Gflex. On the exterior I'm not sure I've seen that combo of severe gouging on the centre line with the rest of the hull being almost scratch free.
  11. recped

    Detachable Yoke for Swift Carbon Gunnels

    I bought knobs and bolts from Lee Valley but not for a "fancy" boat with a threaded inserts permanently in the gunnels. Maybe Swift can tell you the thread size that fits> Be warned that since it's Swift they may be using metric threads...
  12. recped

    Drysuit Recommendations & Seasonal Sale

    NRS always has a good sale on dry suits on Black Friday, the biggest discounts for their own brand, smaller for the the other brand(s) they carry (mostly Kokatat). I have owned two NRS TriTon™ suits that have held up fairly well, Prices for dry suits have risen dramatically in the past 5 years...
  13. recped

    Mesmerizing/Interesting Phenomena & Experiences Without An Eclipse

    Mushroom Cloud on the Smallwood Reservoir in Labrador (2022). The "funny" part was that it coincided with a test ICBM launch by Little Rocket Man.
  14. recped

    North branch of the Kogaluk (Labrador) 1994

    There are written reports (with pics) of this trip and others in the same area at the Al Stirt website. https://www.alstirt.com/kogaluk-river
  15. recped

    Taking another look at the Werner Bandit and how to use it.

    All carbon wear......top one has a few years of moderate use, the bottom one (mine) 9 years / 8000+ km of excessive abuse.
  16. recped

    Is it time for an electric bilge pump?

    This HD-1 has(had?) an electric bilge pump installed in the pedestal, at the opposite end of the pedestal there was a back up manual pump! The bike and the boat belonged to my 2nd regular tripping partner (1999-2011). The owner, a rafting guide and part time park'n'play paddler taught me a...
  17. recped

    What are your current solo canoes and how do you like them?

    Solo's I own......in order of purchase (all used) - Mad River Guide, this was a major improvement over using a tandem as a solo. - Swift Raven, I bought this mostly for my tripping partner to use since he only had a small ww boat (Perception HD-1) - Mohawk XL14, a major step up from the super...
  18. recped

    How many paddles do you bring on a canoe trip?

    At least half the paddles I own are on the river salvage! Back in the days when I used to dump at least once on every trip and frequently more often I was known for never letting go of my paddle. Unfortunately all of the nice paddles I've found were dropped by one of my companions so I had to...
  19. recped

    The sacrifices we make in life for paddling

    I am NOT a "teddy bear"!