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  1. Cruiser

    Time to build again - Short solo/kid's tandem

    Typically on a build, I like to watch the strip fit and glue drips and all the other stuff that will create work come finishing time. Not suggesting that I end with a hull not requiring "touchup" and I agree that almost anything can be cosmetically disappeared (mostly). Once you finish the...
  2. Cruiser

    Amok Draumr Hammock

    My camping group is pretty much all hammocks, almost because we will tolerate the occasional ground dweller. Most people have gathered end, I sew and have developed my own bridge hammock, so my personal friends and I form the bridge component (there is also a lone ridgerunner). Last on the list...
  3. Cruiser

    Slipping and falling while carrying a canoe.

    This is the exact reason I bought a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon), not so much for me, but in case some one in my party got hurt. Bad weather, bad portage, maybe a bit of exhaustion .... long story short ... slipped and did a real number on my ankle. Lucky I had the beacon, not exactly the way...
  4. Cruiser

    Time to build again - Short solo/kid's tandem

    Awesome ... another build to watch/follow. Looked up the mix ratio and recoat times for Raka and got conflicting info, so I am going to just share my epoxy plan for my next boat. The System 3 General and Silver Tip epoxies have a 72 hour recoat schedule, which literally changes my epoxy...
  5. Cruiser

    Hauling Two Canoes When Thule Hates You

    A note of caution with adding a 3rd strap, remember that on a pickup, the cap and bed aren't connected, they can bend and twist a bit. Adding the 3rd strap can anchor the canoe to one end and then the twist gets transferred to part of the canoe ... so personally, I stick with just 2 straps
  6. Cruiser

    Advice on Removable Yoke Project

    I have pretty well settled on this system for yoke attachment Cap screw press on handles, obviously pressed onto a cap screw, a nylon lock nut and plastic spacer washers as required Smaller head to save a few grams Larger handles for ease I like to just counter bore the handle part and...
  7. Cruiser

    Paddle making extravaganza

    If you are trying to fill holes, thickened epoxy isn't really a good tool. Consider setting up a little dam around the holely site and use unthickened to fill the holes, just fill the dam area and let it seep into the hole(s). keep the mixed epoxy spread out to maximize working time and keep...
  8. Cruiser

    Time for Epifanes?

    That is exactly how I do it
  9. Cruiser

    Tarp type and set-up style, and let's see some pix

    This a 12' x 13' tarp, made from 1.1oz/yd silpoly, there is a pole at each end that gives the tarp body and creates a porch mode when the guys are lengthened. I've changed out the tarp suspension to have shock cords at all support points. The internal poles make the internal size enormous ...
  10. Cruiser

    First canoe build

    Jim, I think you messed up the second link, it doesn't seem to go to the other JDs clamps.
  11. Cruiser

    First canoe build

    Hey Roy, is that a Makita Skil?
  12. Cruiser

    First canoe build

    Thinner strips are more flexible, lighter and arguably gives you more strips from a given piece of wood. You do take some loss in strength of the final composite, but IMO the standard 1/4" strip with 6 oz glass is already a bit of overkill in the suitability for task category and dropping to...
  13. Cruiser

    First canoe build

    It's not just you with the band saw, regardless of how easy it sounds, you have to have a really well setup bandsaw and really know how to use to get decent strips .... and even with my limited experience I think it would be really slow going. If you decide to try the skilsaw, I recommend you...
  14. Cruiser

    First canoe build

    Nice start from a fellow Ontarian. Where did you source your lumber, I am always on the look out for new suppliers
  15. Cruiser

    Sanborn Paddle Quality

    When you glass (or carbon, kevlar, etc.) a paddle, there are a couple things to consider. There is the weave finish and how much epoxy is used to bury the weave .... the consensus here, so far, more or less suggests that the paddle surface needs to be smooth, in fact the smoother the better...
  16. Cruiser

    First time builder Ashes Solo Trip

    Yup ... marveling that you made it and it floats, never gets old. Great job
  17. Cruiser

    My First Paddle

    When finishing a paddle, I like to leave the handle with just the oil finish. After the initial coat, I like to wet sand subsequent coats with 320 (apply oil and then sand using the oil), then 400 on any other coats. This will give a nice silky finish on the handle, that your hand will be able...
  18. Cruiser

    My First Paddle

    Cherry is one of my favourites
  19. Cruiser

    Coffee cups, insulated or not.

    Have the MEC double walled steel mugs, which has been my go to for a long time. Thinking of swapping to my Yeti 20 oz as I like to laze a bit and enjoy the camp first thing in the morning.
  20. Cruiser

    Budget Stripper or Wood/Canvas Builds: How to Save Costs

    My first cedar (WRC) came from a specialty supplier near me, it was beautiful, clear and quite expensive, even then that was $140 ... now I go to a very small yard up north of me, last canoe used $85 worth of perfect white cedar. There seems to be a lot of smaller mills today, the issue is...