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    Poll: What is Your Opinion of Tilley Hats

    Five or six years ago, I found a Tilley on the ground, at a Yellowstone bear jam. There was no one around, so I picked it up and took it home. I now love it to wear at bear jams, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and backpacking. It stays on my head. It keeps the sun out of my eyes. The brim is...
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    I have seen quite a few from the road/car. I saw my first wolf while driving into Sawbill (BWCA). It was huge, and trotted across the road about 100 yards in front of me. I lived in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and saw a few there and in nearby Ontario. Most memorably, one came out of the...
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    Solo - fears and boredom

    I never make a fire when I'm alone. There's too much responsibility... I MUST put it out. If I never start it, I don't have that problem. But I sometimes carry one of those little battery tea light candles, and put it in front of me and my Helinox chair facing the water in the evening. I...
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    Pros and Cons of Guided Canoe Trips

    I've done a number of guided trips... all on water. I'm perfectly capable of setting up camp, and I can paddle my canoe but when I'm in an unfamiliar place, I don't want to trust my own whits to saving myself on water. I've taken guided trips and rafted and canoed and kayaked in a number of...
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    Congaree National Park.

    Take binoculars, there’s re many interesting and beautiful birds.
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    How did you learn?

    I did. We didn’t even get wet, it’s just that canoeing can be so graceful and peaceful. Going “thunk” from bank to bank was neither. Learning occurred, however.
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    How did you learn?

    My Dad bought an old livery canoe (no name, aluminum, about two tons) when I was a kid. He taught me what he could, and was quite patient when he wanted to fish, but let me “steer.” He got pushed into the bank and snags a lot, and more so when the wind was doing anything. But he was patient...
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    Canoecopia 2022

    I went about ten years ago. I drove 8 hours each way, and thought it was worth it. When they offered it digitally last year, I signed up and enjoyed the sessions I watched. To me, it’s really the only thing like it. When I went physically, I especially enjoyed seeing and touching the items the...
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    Waiting on a Hammock Gear Econ Burrow 20 Down Quilt

    I’ve been very pleased with the quilt I got a couple of years ago. I got and Enlightened Equipment quilt a number of years ago, and that’s when I found that I really like quilts.They were more optimistic about how warm a person might be in their quilt, though. Hammock Gear seems pretty...
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    Waiting on a Hammock Gear Econ Burrow 20 Down Quilt

    Yay! I ordered a Thermodrop, too. I had a dickens of a time gettting the keychain on. I’m waiting anxiously for spring so I can use all of it!
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    Camping at Home

    I use my backpacking quilt most of the time. It is warm and snuggly.
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    Waiting on a Hammock Gear Econ Burrow 20 Down Quilt

    I’m sorry. I hope it comes soon, and you like it as much as I like mine. A pound of fluffiness in a chosen color is pretty wonderful!
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    Waiting on a Hammock Gear Econ Burrow 20 Down Quilt

    Did it come in time? ????
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    Waiting on a Hammock Gear Econ Burrow 20 Down Quilt

    That's expensive for a thermometer... she says as she really, really wants one. I can't believe you haven't gotten your quilt yet. From their sale pages, they did not have a whole bunch just sitting around in stock, waiting to be put in a box (though the entire kits, I would bet are, since...
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    Waiting on a Hammock Gear Econ Burrow 20 Down Quilt

    Did you get it yet? Is it fluffy and beautiful? I ordered a new Econ Burrow 20 during their Black Friday sale. I had gotten a 0* one a couple of years ago, and was impressed at how warm, fluffy and comfortable it was, so decided to get a 20* one for summer (in the mountains). While I was...
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    If it’s anything like Yellowstone, the front country is overrun this year, and the backcountry, quite quiet. Park and go. :-)
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    Yellowstone National Park and Shoshone Lake

    Wow, this thread has sure grown in the last few months. I’m glad you had such a great trip. I’ve spent my summer hiking and backpacking in Yellowstone. While the front country is amazingly crowded, the backcountry... nope. I was backpacking last weekend, and on the first day, I saw one family on...
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    3-1/2 oz

    Isn’t it that time of year where they have sales on rain jackets? It sounds like your sweater works best for you, and makes you happiest, even though it weighs 3 1/2 ounces more than your fleece. Why shouldn’t it make you happier—it has hair from your pup? Wool has wonderful outdoor properties.
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    Time to Get Down!

    It is the EE Revolution that opens. I’ve read (WhiteBlaze?) that EE has been adding more down for the last year or maybe two. Apparently there were complaints that their quilts were cold. Comments have been made that the down simply needs to be dispersed when you lay out your quilt, and they...
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    Time to Get Down!

    I have both an Enlightened Equipment quilt and a Hammock Gear quilt. They are both made very well. The Hammock Gear Econ burrow is a very good deal. I wanted a really warm quilt for early and late in the year, and I ordered a 0* quilt, with sewn foot and one ounce extra down. That thing looks...