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    Any plans for the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse?

    I had planned to drive 2 hours from Toronto to watch totality from Fort Erie, on the Canadian side of the Niagara River as it exits Lake Erie near Buffalo. but the forecast was not looking favourable. So, on Sunday, I drove 7 hours to the south shore of Montreal, and on Monday i chose a random...
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    Recommend a coffee maker? I'm done bearing a heavy thermos

    Tried a lot of things: GSI drip coffee thingie that sits above your cup. it used to be 5 bucks. but they added a matching plastic cup and increased the price to $13. https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5018-696/ultralight-java-drip?colour=NO_COLOUR It's just a melitta style drip cone, but even...
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    Algonquin Outfitters (Swift Canoe) To Operate Canoe Lake Store

    I like Algonquin Outfitters--have used them exclusively to rent canoes, and have never had a bad interaction with them--but this is getting a bit monopolistic. They operate the Opeongo store and the store at Brent as well. I wonder why the family that ran the Portage Store for 47 years lost the...
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    Photo of the day

    "this is what it typically looks like when a canoeist goes on group paddling trip in most of the USA: a solitary canoe surrounded by a swarm of kayaks." I guess it makes sense. Most of the the US is a territory full of rivers, where portages are few. A heavy kayak is not a big issue. Canada (at...
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    Shelta Hats

    I'm going to try out this hat on an upcoming trip. It's pre-teated with permethrin. Great sun coverage and the front brim does not seem floppy (my pet peeve in the wind). I'll let you know how it goes. Mark's Outback Hat with Flap
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    Amok Draumr Hammock

    I'm seriously considering a Draumr just because the tree-to-tree distance looks so small. It can be tough finding a nice clear 15-20 foot space between two trees for my bridge hammock, and it looks like the Draumr needs much less space, although it would require more lateral space. I too have...
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    Cold, cold, cold

    Like Scratchypants, I bought a Snowgoose parka by Metro Sportswear many years ago (early 1990s) before they changed the brand to Canada Goose . I paid $200 tax included. and wore it until it fell apart. Turned around and bought a Canada Goose in 2007 but it was three times what I spent for that...
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    Post Apocalypse Tripping World

    total speculation here, but I get the feeling that the Canada/US border will be closed to non-essential even after the restrictions have been loosened within the provinces / country. So for a park like Quetico, where the majority users are American, this would a be a good year for Canadians to...
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    Rain Jacket - Inside or Out?

    On the water, the pfd stays on. But the rain jacket will be put on or taken off according to conditions. So rain jacket goes over the pfd. This also helps things breathe, and keeps the pfd dry. I also don't want to take off my pfd while on the water to take off the rain jacket. Pfd is always on...
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    $20 Camping Stove Review

    When I really think about it... 1970 more crap from Japan! ......1990 Look at my new Accord! 1990 more crap from Korea!....... 2010 Look at my Samsung S3! 1995 more crap from Taiwan!...... 2015 Look at my Asus monitor! 2020 more crap from China! ...... 2030 Look at my ___________ ! Hey...
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    2020 Fund Raiser is On!

    Just sent a payment by PayPal. thanks for your work keeping the site going. Sturgeon aka Ralph
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    Cooke Custom Sewing

    I like my yellow CCS tarp. Cheery on a rainy day. Easy to spot if I get into trouble. Thank you to Midwest Firecracker for reminding me of it. I haven't been using it as much as it deserves. clearly i am a human with too many tarps.
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    Everyone takes an axe/hatchet with them, right ?

    Usually travel solo. I take a saw. Silky Pocket or Gomboy, depending on the type of trip, and a Bahco when i’m Backpacking. Too many close calls with an axe in the past; I can’t risk it.
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    Quetico 2019 tour

    I read your trip report, Duct Tape. It was great and detailed, unlike my boring two sentences per photo. You really tell a story. I saw that beach on the north side of Pickerel as I was surfing home. So when you posted the lightning pics and mentioned the locale, I was like aha! Always fun to...
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    Quetico 2019 tour

    You should see lots of photos. [I’m not selling anything; I don’t know how to remove the BUY icon.] I will see what I can do edit: try this link: https://neelands.smugmug.com/Canoe-t...Aug-17-30-2019 Or go to neelands.smugmug.com. Then hit browse, then canoe trips, then Kawnipi-Agnes. Edit...
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    Quetico 2019 tour

    I was fortunate enough to have some time off in August to take a two-week trip to see some lakes and waterfalls in Quetico that I hadn't seen before. It was a pleasant trip. A few thunderstorms that dropped a ton of rain, and some nasty headwinds, but also a few lovely days and a tailwind when i...
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    Pocket Flashlight

    I'm with the guy who says, "no lights!". I love my night vision, and I love sitting in the dark as twilight fades to pitch black. Sometimes you need a little light, though. no need for the monster lumens. The Princeton Tec Impulse light clips on the brim of my cap. Weighs very little. 17...
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    Aug 16th-31st, 1919 Anniversary

    Well, Afghanistan gained independence from Great Britain at that time, but i don't fancy canoe tripping there just yet...
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    Bivy Sacks

    I have an uberbivvy that I use on solo trips sometimes. I like it a lot. http://www.milesgear.com/UberBivy.html It is much less fuss than a hammock, lighter than my hammock, is waterproof and breathable, and there is always a piece of ground the length of a human in which to put it. What...
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    Late Fall Trip - QE II Wildlands Park (Southern Ontario)

    Great write-up! I love the shot of the tent all set up with the low-angle sun shining on it and the smoke streaming from the stove-pipe. Very cozy and inviting. I'm intrigued by the "modular design". have you written this up somewhere? BTW How do you choose which of your many paddles to bring...