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  1. Gdwelker

    Valve stem glue?

    Once again a valve stem on my NRS float bags has come unglued from the air tube. Does anyone know what glue actually works on this smooth plastic?
  2. Gdwelker

    Canoe Art: Paintings, Sketches, Sculpture, Architecture

    I paint my own, helps me remember the trips…
  3. Gdwelker

    Sparkleberry Swamp info?

    Photos from Sparkleberry in 2019. 15 ft gator and cypress trees
  4. Gdwelker

    Sparkleberry Swamp info?

    Let’s go!
  5. Gdwelker

    Sparkleberry Swamp info?

    The locals have put up some driveway reflector disks on some of the trees to mark channels and passages. Not sure I would call it a trail.
  6. Gdwelker

    Sparkleberry Swamp info?

    I have paddled Sparkleberry about two years ago. Not really campable as a lot is wet or private (posted) dry land. Good stste park nearby to do day trip. No good maps, other than the topo and downloading google earth photos. Bring a gps. Water levels can vary greatly. Saw some big gators.
  7. Gdwelker

    New spray deck for the Kruger Seawind

    The original spray deck for my Kruger Seawind had finally seen the end times, having been used by the original owner, then chewed by mice, then used by me for a couple thousand miles. It was time to make a new one since there were a few modifications I wanted to make: 1. Heavier fabric for...
  8. Gdwelker

    Decked Kruger Seawind style build

    One of the changes I want to make is to put the hook side of the velcro on the portion that you (and many of us) fold up under the front deck. The way kruger had it, the hook side ends up snagging nylon pants, shirts, etc.
  9. Gdwelker

    Decked Kruger Seawind style build

    Thanks Mark. My kruger seawind skirt is in need of replacement soon and with the demise of Kruger Canoes that is no longer an option. I had a lead on the company that made them for Mark P, but they appearred to have closed shop. Plus, there are a few modifications I want to make, so trying to...
  10. Gdwelker

    Decked Kruger Seawind style build

    What type and weight of fabric did you use for the skirt? Source? Is it as heavy as the kruger skirt fabric?
  11. Gdwelker

    Barrier Islands & paddle-in camping

    Hmmm. I rarely like "water trails". I think they tend to be the brainstorm of Tourist and Visitor bureaus. I have been involved with many meetings to help develop maps (CHARTS!) for them and spend much time telling people that you can't just draw a line on the paper, because the water is not...
  12. Gdwelker

    Decked Canoe Paddle & Compare?

    I paddle all of my canoes with single and double blades. I paddle all my kayaks with single and double blades except the Greenland rolling boat (but I roll that with half a paddle - so is that single blade?). Personally, I like the British definitions, where any kayak or canoe is defined as...
  13. Gdwelker

    Barrier Islands & paddle-in camping

    The paddle to either Core or Shackleford is open, but shallow, water. Use the tides to help take you where you want when launching from the Park service visitor center. As in any open water situation, allow yourself some weather days, I have used sea kayaks and my Sea Wind, an experienced...
  14. Gdwelker

    Barrier Islands & paddle-in camping

    For barrier island paddle in camping add Core and Shacklford Banks in NC. National seashore, with wild horses, maritime forests, live oaks, dunes, and beaches, and interesting shallows. Safe and easy vehicle parking st the Ranger's visitor center where you get the permit (like assateague).
  15. Gdwelker

    New book - The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of Northern Eurasia

    Author tells me it is supposed to go on sale 9/15
  16. Gdwelker

    New book - The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of Northern Eurasia

    Coming out this month from Smithsonian Press. The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of Northern Eurasia By Harri Luukkanen and William W. Fitzhugh The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of Northern Eurasia is a history and description of bark and skin boat traditions of the native peoples of Scandinavia...
  17. Gdwelker

    Canoe Sailing with Ray Goodwin

    Either sail, or paddle. Those half way attempts are the worst of both worlds.
  18. Gdwelker

    Quotes to Trip By

    Here is one I think about when being wishy washy about going on a trip. It is attributed to Christopher Columbus: "the difference between you and I is that I went."
  19. Gdwelker

    Older Trip Report

    Nice to see a trip report with sailing canoes as the vessel of choice!