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    Moving On: 2017 Full Carbon Swift Keewaydin 15 Solo for Sale, Whole Kit

    For all who have expressed an interest in buying the canoe, there is now a sale pending and the Craigslist posting has been deleted. Thanks for all the positive comments! Jim
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    Moving On: 2017 Full Carbon Swift Keewaydin 15 Solo for Sale, Whole Kit

    I received a request to see the video I made for the canoe sale so I've just uploaded it to YouTube here.
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    Moving On: 2017 Full Carbon Swift Keewaydin 15 Solo for Sale, Whole Kit

    The last time I paid this much for gas was a few years ago in Canada returning from Algonquin.
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    Moving On: 2017 Full Carbon Swift Keewaydin 15 Solo for Sale, Whole Kit

    Just posted more pics in response to a request in the Craigslist listing.
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    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    Just put it up for sale in the Classifieds forum: 2017 Swift Keewaydin 15 Solo in full carbon:
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    Moving On: 2017 Full Carbon Swift Keewaydin 15 Solo for Sale, Whole Kit

    Well...I spent almost all last year doing training hikes for the Colorado Trail. This year, I'll be spending most of the summer preparing to bikepack the Colorado Trail. If I've gotten my canoe out for a paddle in the last two seasons, I don't remember it. Rather than have it continue to...
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    “Need” a new solo!

    I'm about 45 minutes from Ann Arbor. I keep the canoe stored upside down on the travel rack in the garage and it's got over a year of dust/dirt on the bottom. I don't remember if I even paddled it at all last year, so there may well be two years of dust/dirt. If the weather cooperates, I'm...
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    “Need” a new solo!

    I suspect Michigan is a bit far, but I'll be putting my entire canoe kit up for sale in the next week or so: lightly used and very well kept full carbon 2017 Swift Keewaydin 15, two paddles, homemade custom rack to carry it in the back of a pickup, seat cushion, more.
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    Plains States Tripping?

    My last sailboat, a true blue-water capable cruiser despite being only 31 feet long, came from Iowa. I was the third owner. I'm not sure what lake in Iowa, but I learned from the guy I bought it from that a doctor was the original owner and he sold it to buy a bigger one! I can't imagine...
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    Solo Tripping is Safer

    The issue with having anyone else along is that when we're within earshot, a part of my brain is always "prepared to listen" to whatever the other person may say. It's a subtle distinction/feeling, but it is key difference. My definition of "solo tripping" is going alone as opposed to a group...
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    Portable Water Filtration & Purification

    I started using the Katadyn BeFree last year and love the size and convenience, but the seam on the bag gave way on my last Algonquin trip. Fortunately, I had a second larger bag as a backup. But my confidence in the BeFree system was shaken so I'll probably also be carrying a Sawyer Mini as...
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    Video About My DIY "Gear" Hammocks

    Just posted a video about my DIY "gear" hammocks: https://youtu.be/jDrmQFHf5yw I started using a gear hammock for hammock camping, but realized they're equally handy for canoe trips. I especially appreciated that they keep my tent's rain fly (or tarp if you use one of those) away from the tent...
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    September 3-Day Solo Algonquin Trip Video Posted

    I finally finished editing the video from my Algonquin trip last September and got it posted. I switched to PC from Mac this past year, and Adobe Premiere was not as easy-to-use as iMovie. Hope you're all having a very merry Christmas and have a happy new year. Jim
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    Replaced My SealLine 115L with a Mountain Hardwear 75L Waterproof Duffel

    Just got back from a two-night trip to Algonquin: Rain Lake for the first night, up to the Petawawa and over to Misty Lake for the second. Then it was the more direct path back to Rain Lake via Muslim, Jubilee, Sawyer, etc. I did single-carries the first full day and double-carries the second...
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    Here you go, the canoe with everything

    Ehh. The guy's an amateur. His fenders are dragging. :cool:
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    First Trip with Garmin InReach Mini

    I've got to say upfront that I had absolutely NO need of a GPS to navigate on this trip -- I was on the lower Au Sable river and was almost constantly near (too much!) civilization. However, the device met or exceeded my hopes for how I actually intend to use it -- showing my speed over ground...
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    Replaced My SealLine 115L with a Mountain Hardwear 75L Waterproof Duffel

    Just took my first trip with the Mountain Hardwear 75 liter waterproof duffel and it went well. It replaced a 115 liter SealLine pack that was way too big for my needs. I sold the pack on eBay and, while taking the pictures to post for the sale, I was surprised to see the Innegra interior of...
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    Helpful equipment for the solo tripper

    I like the Trangia as well and use it often. I found I couldn't sit my pot straight on the stove (at least not without waiting a bit) so I got these ultralight, $10 Evernew Titanium Trivet pot stand things. They work extremely well, but I still have to be very careful to find a small firm flat...
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    First Trip of the Year, 3rd Trip Overall -- Au Sable River Solo Overnight

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I finally got out this year for a canoe trip and posted the video on YouTube. Jim
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    Observations From My First Trip

    I'm still a few years from 70, but close enough that 70 no longer seems "old". ;) Month-long trips in "northern" Canada (sounds redundant, like "southern Florida") reminds me of a YouTube poster that goes by WinterTrekker. Awesome trips and videos. I get the impression he's up in the...