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  1. goonstroke

    Machias River canoe trip, “Pole, paddle and portage”

    I did something similar a couple years ago, although with 3rd Lake as the takeout. I did it in April during covid and to my surprise most of the roads were closed, so instead of starting with ~6 miles of slackpacking it was a full portage. I wasn't expecting that so I wasn't even packed light. I...
  2. goonstroke

    Do you roll, fold or stuff your tent?

    Moving to the back area of the campsite, when it comes time for #2, there are two kinds of people, those who scrunch toilet paper and those who fold/reroll it nicely before using it. Does this correlate with tent/hammock/tarp behavior? Are there people who scrunch their TP but roll their tents...
  3. goonstroke

    Weather eye

    I love a NWS Hourly Weather Forecast Graph, especially for a quick weekend trip, but on a longer trip when I have think for myself the most useful signal is the wind direction. This is somewhat location/geography specific, but in interior Maine, where the predominant (and driest) winds are from...
  4. goonstroke

    Explain Your Screen Name

    Given your profile photo, I'm surprised you didn't preface that with "I'm glad you asked that question ..."
  5. goonstroke

    New cars: are they as impossible as they seem for cartopping?

    I respect the backwards swedeform coalition, but I've always hesitated to join it because it would put the trailing end of the boat farther out over the rear bumper. My shortest canoe is longer than either of our cars. I always flag the end with something red, but still I worry that someone will...
  6. goonstroke

    New cars: are they as impossible as they seem for cartopping?

    Where's the tow truck anchor point on your Forester? On my Crosstrek it's an eye bolt that screws into the rear bumper, and I use that when I tie off the stern. It's at a convenient height, which is nice, but the downside is I have to find it in the spare tire kit and screw it in. Also it's only...
  7. goonstroke

    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    Another reason I need to keep my '15 manual transmission Crosstrek going until the robots kick us off the roads.
  8. goonstroke

    Hello from Connecticut

    Double blades are OK if you're in or near (a couple thousand furlongs, give or take) the Adirondacks, just remember to tip your hat to Nessmuk. Welcome!
  9. goonstroke

    New cars: are they as impossible as they seem for cartopping?

    I'm good with two cam buckle belly straps 95% of the time. The only time I add bow and stern ropes is when I'm driving long distance, more than a couple hundred miles at interstate speeds. I find the bow lines in particular can reduce the amount of yaw axis movement, which over time can cause...
  10. goonstroke

    Ice conditions in Northeast

    Another resource is the NASA daily visible satellite shot. The only drawback is that if it's cloudy you may need to click back several days to see anything. https://worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/?v=-70.21460463884455,45.323895900802064,-68.01724915727829,46.397395610025576
  11. goonstroke

    Unknown Canoe, Need Help!

    How rigid is the hull in the middle? If it's fairly stiff, it could be that it never had thwarts and doesn't need them. If it once had a center thwart/yoke I expect you'd see some signs of mounting, like whatever brackets are holding the seats. It also wouldn't surprise me if it never had...
  12. goonstroke

    Lewis and Clark dugout canoe display

    Dugout canoes look just amazingly hard to build. It seems like it would be easier to hike a thousand miles to someplace that had birch bark, spruce roots, pine tar, etc, or maybe trap and skin a thousand squirrels to make a skin-on-frame boat. I guess if people really need a boat they'll find a...
  13. goonstroke

    Sanborn Paddle Quality

    I hate to be a gram weenie, but a couple coats of varnish on a carbon blade might add an ounce to the paddle. That's a lot for a stick that weighs less than a pound. When one of my carbon paddles needs nourishment I use a regular laminating epoxy, and as sparingly as I can.
  14. goonstroke

    Where have all the whitewater canoes gone?

    Why not come up here for the 57th annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race? Purportedly the largest paddlesports event in New England. https://bangorme.myrec.com/info/activities/program_details.aspx?ProgramID=28991 http://kenduskeagstreamcanoerace.com/ Last year there were ~350 boats, about 300...
  15. goonstroke

    How is your winter so far?

    That winter did indeed suck, but it's spring now, I've been out paddling a few times. Today we had this storm blow through with high winds and heavy rain, but just behind it the winds calmed down and the rain tapered to drizzle, so I headed out to the usual early spring stream in the late...
  16. goonstroke

    Removing cracked royalex for repair

    1. My suggestion would be to only remove as much as necessary to ensure the g-flex is getting in there and there won't be an air bubble under the skidplate. 2. I wouldn't remove the vinyl, just rough it up with sandpaper to help with the bond. The epoxy adheres to vinyl quite well. I've never...
  17. goonstroke

    Fixing bulkheads and replacing gunwales on '93 kevlar malecite

    Here's a restore job in this forum that used that 2-part marine foam. https://www.canoetripping.net/threads/replacing-floatation-in-a-fg-canoe.113984/ I'm chicken when it comes to materials with a working time measured in seconds, but I understand it's great when it works.
  18. goonstroke

    Fixing bulkheads and replacing gunwales on '93 kevlar malecite

    That's a piece of scrap minicell foam I hand cut to make a plug, picture here. When I closed the tanks I left a roughly half inch diameter hole for pressure release. The plugs fit pretty tight so I'm not too worried about them popping out. I thought a lot about what kind of decks I wanted, and...
  19. goonstroke

    Fixing bulkheads and replacing gunwales on '93 kevlar malecite

    Classic Mad River float tanks sure are great habitat for small furry animals. I don't know what lived in this one I refurbished, probably a squirrel. Great hulls though, well worth the effort. I ended up removing all the rotten foam and just closing them with fiberglass. There are a few...
  20. goonstroke

    Ice conditions in Northeast

    I've been hoping to start the paddling season this weekend. It's supposed to be 50F-ish both days here. Pushaw Stream in Old Town never gets much ice, and it was open even before today's rains.