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  1. kona

    Morningstar weight?

    my white gold Morningstar with wood trim and a third seat (no carry thwart) is 53# on my scale.
  2. kona

    Recommendations for a new whitewater paddle

    For cruising I have moved to a pretty short paddle. 32” shaft length is perfect for most cruising cases of mine. I like to keep the grip hand at about shoulder height. It just feels good. For ww I’ve moved to shorter too, though a little longer than for cruising. My preference varies with the...
  3. kona

    Recommendations for a new whitewater paddle

    MS mud that sounds great. In my late night reading I missed your original post about wood preference for shaft and grip. I have two friends with echo paddles. One is their creek stick and I have no idea how it has endured the steep creeking hardcore ww torture he puts it through. Another...
  4. kona

    Recommendations for a new whitewater paddle

    Good stroke this is awesome to hear. Werner’s composites and their dynel edge tech has come a long way. I think I’ve been reluctant to beat on mine since it wasn’t cheap and I have other paddles to beat on. I really love the journey paddle. It’s a smaller blade so an overall length that one...
  5. kona

    Recommendations for a new whitewater paddle

    If you were in minnesota you could try a pile of different ww paddles I own. my top suggestion is for you to grab a Werner bandit or bandito as they’re relatively affordable, widely available, and checks your boxes. I don’t think you’d regret having one. The spoon blade of a bandit paddle will...
  6. kona

    Canoe storage stand/rack

    Not my photos so not sure. I have some a friend built for me. 24” long feet, center posts are about 30” apart, inner to inner (not sure that width is needed and maybe overkill) they work great with all my boats, including a 18.5’ bell Northwoods. Does that answer your question?
  7. kona

    Blackhawk Solo for sale - Rochester NY Craigs List

    Of course, done, thank you. Matt, I apologize for my unhelpful comments and sh*tty attitude here and there. It’s not my style and I regret. You have a great boat at a steal of a price. Someone will be lucky.
  8. kona

    Blackhawk Solo for sale - Rochester NY Craigs List

    Sorry this didn’t work out, sincerely. if you or a moderator would consider removing or cropping my phone number from the post above, I would be grateful. Thanks, and again, best wishes.
  9. kona

    Blackhawk Solo for sale - Rochester NY Craigs List

    I did make serious offers to purchase and have it picked up in early august. I was sad to see the holes for the foot bar, I’ll admit. I hope it finds a nice home. Good luck for a quick sale.
  10. kona

    new to me solo

    I owned a zephyr when I was fairly new to solo canoes and about 180lbs. I found it quite tender and I never got as comfortable with it as I wanted. Now that I’m significantly further along the learning curve, I’d love to have one again. I have owned four blackhawks and still own a starship. I...
  11. kona

    Dagger Reflection 15 seat options? And paint thoughts?

    I still have some extras that Lance sent me and I’d happily send them your way if you dm me your address. Will need to check if there are six…
  12. kona

    Royalex and hull shape

    Agree with your points. Results do vary with royalex spec, which was different across manufacturers and time. R-lite maybe was more susceptible.
  13. kona

    Blackhawk Zephyr Solo Canoe, $650 in Rochester NY - SOLD

    I had a zephyr once and would like to own this one. Thanks to the board member that brought this to my attention here. I’m in Minnesota so that is a complication. I’m waiting to hear from a friend who may be traveling through there and back to MN in august. If anyone else is headed west from...
  14. kona

    Swift Wildfire and Dragonfly

    Love my composite wildfire. Also love my royalex Yellowstone solo. Both are excellent in their own ways as general purpose boats.
  15. kona

    Selling Lots of Gear

    Pm sent
  16. kona

    Canoe paddle collectors

    Yes. Pm sent
  17. kona

    Canoe paddle collectors

    Two lovely wooden paddles to add to this thread. Left paddle is a Keith Backlund signature model. Backlund was widely known for his paddles in the whitewater community. This custom paddle was designed and made for a customer who paddled open ocean settings in Kruger boats. It is moderately...
  18. kona

    Used/ blems being sold by Redfeather Outdoors on FB

    ORC bought bell canoes in 2007 or so? Most of the old bell molds and naming rights etc. Made boats for a few years and stopped. And that parent company also owns the snowshoe company? Interesting business. Back at boats under a new label? Sounds like you might be new to the team, bringing some...
  19. kona

    Salamander Paddle Gear - whitewater paddle bag

    I have one. These are very nice
  20. kona

    Fame awaits your Mohawk canoe

    Peter I’m interested to hear more about the clipper viper. I would guess it is durable and stiff, maybe not so light? My first whitewater course was in a borrowed viper 11. Wet boat and I swam a lot but became a big fan of sharp edges. L A good teacher and I think faster path on the learning...