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  1. DougK

    Mad River Canoe - Been Nice to Know You

    that's the N. Platte, in Colorado.. the put-in is in CO, take-out in WY.. We used to do this every June. Then there were low-water years, followed by water so high the river was closed, then there was a big burn and the river is full of strainers from blowdowns.. it might be another year or two.
  2. DougK

    Mad River Canoe - Been Nice to Know You

    can confirm.. my MR Explorer was a shell with rotten gunwales, overgrown by vines, when I picked it up free off Craigslist. After repairing multiple cold cracks and replacing the gunwales, it is a fair 65lb. That's the upper limit of what I am willing to carry anymore. In fact we used this on...
  3. DougK

    Fun with Chat GPT

    that's much better performance than I have seen anywhere else.. typically ChatGPT will just make stuff up and confidently assert falsehoods. On a triathlon forum someone asked it to produce arguments for and against a somewhat technical question. Its response was some bland anodyne boilerplate...
  4. DougK

    What will be the effect of electric vehicles on canoe tripping?

    oh it's a lot worse - the machinery is full of proprietary software, and you're not allowed to repair your own tractor as a result. The push back on this has just started, CO passed a Right to Repair bill this month. The electric pickups seem like a good idea for farming actually - charge every...
  5. DougK

    Invasive fish (northern pike) threatens Maine lakes. Huh?

    great, now there's coffee all over my screen.. ;-) that's the bottom line on introduced/non-native species. The long-established balance of the ecosystem is overwhelmed and descends into chaos, with all kinds of unpredictable effects, most of them undesirable.
  6. DougK

    Wenonah Solitude repair and renovation

    I've used kevlar to repair a much-cracked Royalex hull. At that point it seemed the consensus was kevlar with G-flex epoxy, single patch. Others like 3 layers of 6oz fiberglass instead. To me it seems that would build up quite a lot of epoxy over the patch, so I went with Kevlar Aramid cloth...
  7. DougK

    Wenonah Voyager for Fishing?

    I got a Vagabond for a more efficient flatwater boat than the old 1976 Explorer, still having a bit more stability than the pure flatwater speedsters. So far liking it a lot, haven't had time for a long trip yet but it fishes well..
  8. DougK

    How many pairs of footwear: in canoe vs. on portage vs. in camp?

    Chaco sandals with a neoprene sock for the boat, crocs in camp. I'd like the high-top waterproof boots except I know myself, and would go in over the top multiple times on any trip.. so might as well just start out with the wet feet ;-)
  9. DougK

    Favorite camp chair

    on trips without portages, an ancient aluminum frame chair with nylon webbing, weighs about 2lb. There used to be two of these but a large Boy Scout (200lbs +) bent one frame, I made one good chair by replacing the worn webbing on the other frame.. for trips with portages, the REI-equivalent...
  10. DougK

    What to use for an inside ground sheet (and how to use it)?

    never used or needed an innie until family camping.. the big cheap family tents have floors that aren't waterproof, so an additional layer of blue nylon tarp inside helps. Of course the blue tarps aren't wholly waterproof either, but by the time the water gets through both layers it's time to...
  11. DougK

    Evolution of an Alaskan DipShip

    that's a neat idea.. I have a fixed cleat on my whitewater boat thwart, used for clipping in a rope while rescuing involuntarily abandoned canoes ;-) but a net saver is another good use for a cleat.. I've done the combat fishing on the Kenai, wading in with a flyrod in between the snagging...
  12. DougK

    Paddling Mag: Best Whitewater Canoes for 2022

    thanks Glenn, good to know he's still going..
  13. DougK

    Paddling Mag: Best Whitewater Canoes for 2022

    Kaz has stopped taking orders for new Millbrook boats sadly.. these days the OC slalom scene is just full of MT Canoes, aka Empty Canoes, from Montana.. as I understand it they are basically the good old hull designs, Ocoee and Caption, made in composite. Here's John of Empty Canoes at the...
  14. DougK

    Mad River canoes no longer being produced

    actually didn't realize they were still making canoes at all... I'd see lots of the MR Adventure which is a sort of plastic open kayak, scarcely a canoe. Just made me look, the MR website shows a T-Formex Explorer which probably is a fairly decent canoe.. wonder if they will in fact start making...
  15. DougK

    Modifications to a Solo Yoke?

    my first canoe was an 8olb Discovery. After one good portage I used some microcell foam left over from a whitewater saddle, cut and glued a pad about 20" wide across the middle of the yoke, 3/4" thick. This is superior to all the commercial products I've tried on a variety of other canoes. It is...
  16. DougK

    Why Are You Here?

    How did you find or stumble upon Canoe Tripping? looking for rigging ideas.. previously all my canoes had vinyl/alu gunwales so it was simple to pop-rivet or screw in nylon pad eyes or p-clips, for the rigging lines. Now I have two boats with wood gunnels, one yellow Explorer in Royalex and a...
  17. DougK

    ALPS Mountaineering Tent

    bought an Alps Zephyr 3-man tent from Sierra Trading Post for $80 once, when we needed another tent in a hurry for a Boy Scout backpack trip. I tend to tent-obsessions, researching and testing exhaustively, so it was very strange just to go out and.. buy a tent.. It's become my favorite tent...
  18. DougK

    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    it was the least amount of fun I've ever had in a canoe ;-)
  19. DougK

    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    I have paddled my Discovery 158 from the front seat like this. The situation (more than once) was out fishing, caught by an unexpected sustained high wind which raised 2ft-plus waves on the reservoir. It was a headwind paddle back to the put-in, against the waves, with occasional gusts slapping...
  20. DougK

    Used vs new - price and value

    I've been haunting Craigslist for years looking for a light solo.. here in CO it's worse as canoes are a rarity at best. Used Royalex solos come up occasionally, often at more than original retail. In new boats the best thing I've seen is the Esquif Adirondack, 12', 39lb and $1200. That's too...