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    Fun with Chat GPT

    I'd say that ChatGp is decidedly lacking in a sense of humor .
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    Group Meals in Camp: Yes, No, Bleh?

    Nope. I will carry and cook my own food. I don't care what anyone else wants to carry and cook. I do my own stuff and I will not carry a blue barrel fir anyone.
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    Fibbing To Your Spouse About Canoe Stuff

    I usually don't mention to my wife the cost of things and she says everything she buys is "on sale !". Yeah right. Larry S
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    Water Filters or Boiling? Which do you prefer?

    The Sawyer Filters have worked very well for me since 2014 but always carry the big syringe so you can backflush as needed. Larry S
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    Explain Your Screen Name

    Oops....I guess it's not. :>)
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    Explain Your Screen Name

    Well, it's my name.
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    K19 sailboat build

    What is the total weight of the boat ? How many Sq. Ft. In main and jib ? The jib looks a bit oversized in relation to main. It looks like a nice build. Larry
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    K19 sailboat build

    It's probably too late now but you should have used side to side Hiking straps. Take a look at the Lightning Class One Design boats. With side to side straps you can go from sitting inside with a foot under a strap to letting it all hang out over the side. I sailed and raced Lightnings in...
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    Poll: How old were you when you got YOUR OWN first canoe (and what was it)?

    Hey Glenn, I usually go on a Boundary Waters trip with a young guy. He's only 72. :> We've celebrated his birthday for the last 3 years in the BW. Larry
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    Poll: How old were you when you got YOUR OWN first canoe (and what was it)?

    Lowangle Al, What I paddle now depends on the trip. I've got a Wenonah Prism in Carbon for day paddling on local lakes to keep up with the Sea Kayaks in the group and for my Boundary Waters Trips. Wenonah Argosy for River Trips. I actually have 2 Argosys, a Royalex that I bought new about 10-11...
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    Poll: How old were you when you got YOUR OWN first canoe (and what was it)?

    I was 65 when I bought and paddled my first canoe ever. 77 now. It was an Old Town Pack. The only good thing I have to say about the Pack is that it was light. It was light because it was under built.
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    Zip Lock Bags on Canoe Trips

    In the same Bag ? Larry S
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    Snake ID

    I've never heard of a Brown Snake before but I believe it's a Female. Rapidly tapering tail behind the vent. Males have (ususally) a longer tapering tail. Larry S
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    Flaky epoxy

    Epoxy is expensive. Varnish is not. I doubt that the Outfitter applied a full coat of epoxy. Epoxy unprotected degrades in a pretty short time. Larry S
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    Northern Wisconsin river paddle trip ?

    Tom Z , Sorry for the late reply but we went anyway and had a great time. Water levels were about 2500-3000 cfs and I really would want to paddle at much below that. We saw two old timer locals at the hwy 70 bridge takeout who said that the water was "really high". Sorry, I didn't see that as...
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    Do you see a lot of wildlife on canoe?

    Do I see wildlife ? Yes, if I'm well to the front of the group that I paddle with (streams and small rivers) here in NE Indiana. The paddlers in the back who are more intent on the Social Aspect of the trip (yakking constantly) don't see much. Paddle quietly using a lot of underwater returns...
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    Northern Wisconsin river paddle trip ?

    Zac, Thanks for the reply. We won't actually be getting on the water until Thursday and the weather is not looking too bad. So I think we'll be OK. I'm thinking that I would rather that the water be a little high rather than too low. I am keeping an eye on the flow rates in the meantime though...
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    Northern Wisconsin river paddle trip ?

    This is probably a long shot but 3 of us, in solo canoes, are leaving tuesday morning (5/17/2022) to head up to do a 6 day paddle on the Upper St. Croix River. Gordon Dam to hwy 70. It has been raining hard in that area and the river level has been high but dropping slowly. If it continues to...
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    Solitude isn't for everyone

    This is Off-Topic but if you aren't familiar with Golden Eagles this is an interesting video (youtube.com): An Eagle, Golden or Bald , is truly a savage bird.
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    Solitude isn't for everyone

    Re: Golden Eagle in Michigan ? I was paddling with a small group down the Little Manistee river (in MI near Wellston) when I spotted an eagle of some type in the pines on a bluff over the river. It was all dark (on a cloudy day) and looked quite a bit larger than I thought a Bald Eagle would...