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  1. Odyssey

    Hit by a Car on Bike

    This past winter my wife fell while walking the dog. Just a little bump on the head she said, no need to worry. So we didn't, except our daughter did. So, hours of ER time spent with doctors and nurses and a couple CT Scans later our neurosurgeon said to us "See, at your age(s) you've plenty to...
  2. Odyssey

    Fun with Chat GPT

    Sometimes I must admit to living in a soap bubble, there's so much I ignore in the world. Our kids would tell you all about that if you let them, but please don't encourage them. I had to catch up with this chatbot stuff in order to know what the blazes Alan was having fun with now...
  3. Odyssey

    Recommend a coffee maker? I'm done bearing a heavy thermos

    Do they make coffee percolators in a small size? Why yes they do. And if you're the only coffee drinker in camp, which sometimes I am, a personal percolator might work. Here's my latest 30's vintage flea market find, made by Armorware. Naturally I had to test it. The copper clad bottom is a...
  4. Odyssey

    They're HEERE!!

    One day they're all sleepy-headed fellows paying me no mind and the next they're feeling a bit peckish. I'll start using eau de DEET. My wife is placing her trust in a botanical product, mostly for repelling ticks, which we're having to be careful of. Another sign of the woods and wetlands...
  5. Odyssey

    Mississippi Speed Record

    The Mississippi River looks like an excellent watershed to spend some tripping time exploring. https://bucktrack.com/Mississippi_Canoe_Planning.html https://doingmiles.com/2014-08-mississippi-river/
  6. Odyssey

    Mississippi Speed Record

    Fixed minds with hurried goals. On the other hand one might explore the big river with broader views. Kinda like speed walking Americana history. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/geological-history-mississippi-river-180975509/
  7. Odyssey

    Welcome to my forties: skin-on-frame canoes

    Are they day trip boats only, or can you light trip with them? I am curious only, not critical, because they do after all mimic birch bark canoes. Light solo trippers?
  8. Odyssey

    Should tandem paddlers ever paddle on the same side?

    ie Efficiency. Always a good group of skills to acquire regardless of activity. Speed is part of the equation. I do care that we can make a difficult open water crossing efficiently/faster/safely, but appreciate a slower pace many other times. The goal depends on the moment.
  9. Odyssey

    Should tandem paddlers ever paddle on the same side?

    "There are many good reasons tandem teams should stick to paddling on opposite sides of the canoe..." That word Team sounds like a competitive term, which doesn't apply to any canoe tripping I do. Early on I practiced paddling and correction strokes from both sides, so whichever partner I might...
  10. Odyssey

    Spring 2023 weather where you are?

    The weather Gods are always throwing tempestuous spells at us year-round, this spring being no different. A sudden dry warmth in late March instead of the usual cool wet forced buds to open and creeks to flood. Thankfully we returned to more seasonable spring weather, long enough for the earth...
  11. Odyssey

    Gordon Lightfoot

    My introduction to music came thru a transistor radio tucked under my pillow at night, a solitary ear plug feeding me scratchy blues from far away. Then of course there was the morning radio of my parents, early risers getting us all ready for the day. But I decided I wasn't into that age group...
  12. Odyssey

    Turtle Numbers Down?

    I came across three turtles last summer on my outings. A Snapping, Blanding's, and a mystery turtle. Painted? https://ontarioturtle.ca/turtles/ The snapper was the least shy as you'd expect.
  13. Odyssey

    Canoe Art: Paintings, Sketches, Sculpture, Architecture

    When is a pack basket and w/c canoe art? When it's displayed as décor in a hip pizza place in a nice little town. Took my wife out on a date night for her birthday, and amongst the eclectic antiques scattered around this eccentric space I noticed ... My shaky hand on my phone is down to human...
  14. Odyssey

    Northern lights

    We are back to normal spring weather around here, sun and cloud with intermittent showers, cool temps. While the daytime woods were colourful the night sky was disappointing. I checked the NOAA site and our local forecast. Tonight looks promising. Thanks for the heads up. I'd love to see the...
  15. Odyssey

    Happy National………Day

    Happy Birthday Bill.
  16. Odyssey

    Things that interfere with or otherwise screw up canoe trips

    Perhaps they were thoughtfully planning ahead for a 1st birthday tripping bash. Lucky you. Lucky all of you. Congrats Frenchy.
  17. Odyssey

    Is your First Aid updated?

    Timely reminder. Our kit is a bare minimum one that goes everywhere all the time. Right now it's riding in the pocket behind my driver's seat. But it's been 6 months since we last opened it to review the contents. It's due for a review and renew. Thanks Sweep.
  18. Odyssey

    Share your opinion on a new canoe?

    That looks sweet Jim.
  19. Odyssey

    Coffee cups, insulated or not.

    I still have a pair of plastic mugs with sippy lids from years ago. They're uninsulated and I'm very happy with that. Unlike her I dislike scalding drinks and food, so the fact that my coffee or tea cools down and the warmed mug is easy to handle suits me. She suggested we get a new pair of...