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    Trolling with a fly rod for salmon/brook trout

    I troll with a fly rod each year in the Quetico or Crown land lakes near the Quetico. The difference is I troll for smallmouth bass. Best results are using a floating fly line with a long leader and a self tied bucktail streamer with a barbell head for weight. My wife and I are in a 17 ft...
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    Throwing line over a tree limb, and a recent revelation

    Tie a fairly heavy carabiner to your rope. Works very well.
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    Georgia or South Carolina in mid November?

    I suggest the Okefenokee or Suwannee River. Google them and you will find all about canoeing trails. The Suwannee River wilderness trail is great and it is in north Florida. Not Georgia but just south of Georiga. You will find all the information you need. We have crossed the Okefenokee...
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    Floor Friendly Cots

    Two years ago we started using cots for our camping trips to the North Georgia Mountains. We stay in Forest Service campgrounds. We purchased a dome tent that allows us to stand. We had been using our Eureka Timberline four person tent but with the cots we needed a taller tent. The cots that...
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    Tales of Strainers Past (not passed)

    My Son or I have guided a Boy Scout troop down the same river for at least 20 times. This year my son was guiding the group and I was paddling with him. We always go first to check out the river. This year we had one bad strainer blocking the only way down a river rapids. It had never been...
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    Boat trim question

    One of our canoes is a Wenonah Spirit II Kevlar. I was told that a sliding seat was a good idea when I had the canoe ordered. I was like you in that I did not want a moving seat. My wife is not big but the canoe still needed balancing when it was empty. When on canoe camping trips this was...
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    Lets Talk Paddle Shaft Length

    I am five feet eleven inches but have a short torso. I found a way to measure your paddle based on torso length. See if you can google paddle length recommendations and see if you can find information on measuring paddle length based on torso. My torso is 29 inches and the paddle for me in...
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    Stupidest Canoe Accessory Ever?

    In defense of elevated storage for canoes.. Here in South Georgia I leave aluminum canoes on the banks of our pond. Unless they are elevated off the ground, fire ants build huge nests in the bow and stern under the decks. I elevate them off the ground using scrap 6 X 6 treated pine poles...
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    Lows Lake deer camp 2017

    Really like the photos of your camp and equipment
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    Do you Fish if so do you fly fish,spin cast bait cast of just use a can with string ?

    Spin fishing and fly fishing. Love to fish and fish every day when in NW Ontario and the Quetico. Fish at least 20 days per year in the Gulf of Mexico and a few days per year in the Okefenokee Swamp and on South Georgia rivers. Fish almost every day when at home. I have a couple of farm...