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    2023 Trip in Memory of Site Founder

    This sounds like an adventure, one I’ve been thinking about doing. That portage from Cranberry to Lows is pretty serious, hiked some of it this fall. Depending on timing, I might be up for it.
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    Review of Bell / Northstar Seliga Tripper

    As far as them not being more popular, my guess is that there weren’t a lot made so they haven’t really marketed them much. I’ve had a Bell Northwind for over 10 years and I never hear of the Bell Seliga until I saw that one at Raquette River. That could just be me though, I’ve been spending...
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    Review of Bell / Northstar Seliga Tripper

    Very good review, congrats on the purchase. I was admiring that exact same boat the day before you were there. A very unique boat, and awesome to have a Bell.
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    Attaboy for Sea to Summit Customer Service

    Thanks for reminding me. Mine is missing the male half, maybe ours got switched. I’m going to reach out to them now. Good to know that they’re responsive, I like the gear.
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    Late September 2022 Whitney Wilderness Loop, Adirondacks.

    Awesome trip report. I did a similar trip in August with my wife and kids, except at Lows we portaged to the headwaters of the Oswegatchie. We celebrated a birthday on the trip as well. We also found the portage on the railroad to be almost the only place we saw people, except two guys doing the...
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    Seeking canoe storage for 3 days Portland ME

    Thanks for the offers everyone, calling the hotel first was definitely the way to go. They’re giving me the option of portaging them into the building and storing them inside, or leaving them on the truck and parking it in the ramp to the garage.
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    Seeking canoe storage for 3 days Portland ME

    Good idea, I never thought of that. Seems like the obvious first step in hindsight. For what they charge my company, they should have a room available just for my canoes.
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    Seeking canoe storage for 3 days Portland ME

    Thanks I’ll keep this in mind. I was hoping for something closer and requiring less back tracking, but this might be a better option than leaving them on the truck in some random parking lot that’s who knows how far from where I’m staying.
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    Seeking canoe storage for 3 days Portland ME

    Not quite sure where to post this, but I’ll start here. I’ll be in Portland Maine from Sept 28th through the 30th for work, then I’m heading out for a week to paddle somewhere (haven’t decided yet). I’d rather not leave the canoes on the roof of my truck for 3 days, and from what I’ve read so...
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    Grommets for grab loops on a MR Kevlar courier

    This is a pretty solid idea, and looks really good. I was also going to suggest https://www.mcmaster.com/ They seem to have almost everything hardware related.
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    1994 Kevlar Mad River Courier on Facebook

    Location added, I look forward to participating.
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    1994 Kevlar Mad River Courier on Facebook

    Unfortunately I’m not great at documenting the stuff I do. I’m also on some car forums and I’m good for doing a major restoration and posting like 3 photos. For this boat I’ve already sanded the gunwales and oiled them with watco and put a thing coat of spar varnish over the Kevlar in the...
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    Refurbing a Mad River kevlar 49

    Nice looking boat and nice looking 80 series. I have a few of each.
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    1994 Kevlar Mad River Courier on Facebook

    I ended up buying this today, should be fun to mess around with. The wood is in good shape, the Kevlar hull is structurally sound. The gel coat ( I think that’s what it is) is faded and shows some very small cracks.