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    Poll: Socks and Sandals?

    Thin liner socks and Chaco's in the summer. Preferable to smearing sunscreen on top of feet and ankles.
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    North Alabama Canoe Routes

    Thank you for that link. I've never paddled in north Alabama. Years ago at Easter break several of us from south Louisiana met at a campground in north Alabama with plans to paddle the Locust Fork. At the same time however, a cold front came through; the high on our first day there was around...
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    Identification Help: What Old Town W/FG Canoe Am I Paddling?

    It is #180086. I would love to see the build record for my family's canoe if you have it - thank you!
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    Identification Help: What Old Town W/FG Canoe Am I Paddling?

    In 1968 my dad bought a new OTCA 17 for around $400, saying he had always wanted to own a wood and canvas canoe. He liked the traditional look of the upswept ends on the OTCA. IIRC, we drove from Sacramento to San Francisco to pick it up from a dealer there. We didn't end up paddling it all...
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    Sewing projects

    Have you considered small wheels for rolling the canoe rather than sliding? I store a canoe under a shed by rolling it gunnels down on a couple of 2 or 3 inch diameter wheels. They are hardware store wheels with brackets which I attached to a board. I strap the board across the gunnels...
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    Sewing projects

    Thanks for the warning! I have a number of old no longer waterproof items waiting to be used for something else - hadn't thought about sewing machine consequences.
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    Northern lights

    I'd settle for a mediocre viewing, but not going to happen down here in Louisiana.
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    Favorite camp chair

    I've tried a variety of chairs but keep coming back to the Lafuma maxi pop-up butterfly chair. The first one that I got from REI years ago was light weight with an aluminum frame. When that eventually wore out the aluminum frame ones weren't available but there was a similar steel framed model...
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    Coffee grinders and brewers for both home and camp?

    At home I tend to alternate between pour over using a Melita rigid plastic cone or using an MSR Mugmate, both using regular packaged ground coffee. The mugmate is convenient when I don't want to take time to patiently pour a little water at a time but results in sludge at the bottom of the mug...
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    Coffee cups, insulated or not.

    Same here - most often use a vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler or mug. At home though I tend to alternate between insulated tumblers and ceramic mugs which can be zapped in the microwave when the coffee or tea cools too much before I finish sipping.
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    I learned that lesson the hard way - wasn't familiar with fire ants until I moved to Louisiana almost 40 years ago. At a take-out somewhere in the Atchafalaya basin, don't remember just where, I needed a restroom but there wasn't a lot of privacy around. Decided I could make a quick run behind...
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    Pakcanoe 165 roll-able. Looking at buying one for NFCT.

    I have an older 14 ft PakCanoe, from 1998 when Mad River briefly had a deal with PakBoats to sell their canoes with the Mad River label and also have a 12.5 ft model from that era that was sold with a sit on the bottom seat. At the time I thought the 14ft PakCanoe might serve as a replacement...
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    Who sleeps on the the newer light cots?

    BB, The first time I saw a pika was near a lake. It darted across the trail in front of me as I was walking around Big Sandy lake in the Wind River range in Wyoming. Didn't know what it was until a friend who was with me looked it up after we got home. No pikas around here in Louisiana though. 😞
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    Cheap single burner stove for a chuck box?

    A relatively small bottle-top propane stove is my usual stove for weekend trips. The possibility of tipping does concern me a bit but it hasn't been a big problem. The major problem for me is wind. If there is any breeze a lot of the heat gets blown away from the kettle and it seems to take...
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    Useless gear, equipment and garments

    Cheap solar shower. It wasn't a high quality product - one time the shower head fell off the hose in the middle of a shower, and it was a bit awkward to fill and hang the bag in a suitable place. Also, maybe the water would have heated up enough to be worth it if left in the sun all day, but...
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    Bell kneeling pad top fabric peeling off

    Thanks yellowcanoe, I will look for Gorilla fabric glue. My T-pad has been sitting around unused for a number of years since my initial repair attempt. I just now pulled it out from the bottom of a pile of pads and dry bags and see that it has developed some (permanent?) indentations from...
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    Electrical device you are most likely and least likely to eliminate

    Headlamp for me too is probably the last thing I'd give up. Also I'm so used to having a watch that I'd probably have a hard time giving that up and it's been decades since I've had a wind-up watch. Most easily left behind would probably be my cell phone or hearing aids. I've started using...
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    Bell kneeling pad top fabric peeling off

    It has been awhile since I tried to do anything with this pad, but I think my first try was just spreading a thin layer of contact cement on the rubber part and pressing the fabric down. The fabric didn't stay glued down when I used the pad again so the second time I tried to spread contact...
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    Bell kneeling pad top fabric peeling off

    The thin knit fabric top on my Bell T-pad kneeling pad is coming unglued. I've twice tried unsuccessfully to glue it back down on the pad with contact cement but it didn't stick and I just ended up peeling more of the fabric loose in the process. Anyone have success with getting the fabric to...
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    Paddling in a lightning storm

    The one time I remember being in a situation like that I went into a small cove with trees along the shore and hunkered down in the bottom of the royalex solo canoe waiting out the storm and wondering whether that was the appropriate choice. I was less than a mile from the landing I was heading...