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  1. Bothwell Voyageur

    Toothbrush Replacement

    I guess it will come to that. Our local hardware stores are devoid of the interesting small stuff that gave American a reason to shop there. A drive into Winnipeg would mean a couple of hours of driving, lots of frustration and $30 of gas so Online quickly becomes the default.
  2. Bothwell Voyageur

    Toothbrush Replacement

    Sell? You mean I’ll have to pay for them?
  3. Bothwell Voyageur

    Toothbrush Replacement

    Nothing to do with oral care. I use old toothbrushes in the workshop for all sorts of cleaning jobs that need a small stiff brush with bristles at right angles to the handle. Unfortunately we have now switched to electric brushes and my supply is running out. Anyone have have any suggestions for...
  4. Bothwell Voyageur

    Finally: Civilization Comes to Camp

    Just use a water bottle with a sports cap and then squeeze!
  5. Bothwell Voyageur


    Last trip back to the UK I made an inventory of my 83 year old Dad's dozen bikes and then arranged to sell them via Facebook to a dealer. At some point he will have to move into assisted living and I'm not looking forward to trying to make him part with the couple of thousand books he has around...
  6. Bothwell Voyageur

    Amok Draumr Hammock

    Stomach sleeping is definitely a challenge. Hanging a bridge tighter than you would a regular hammock is definitely a must to get that flat lay
  7. Bothwell Voyageur

    MSR Fuel Canisters

    Just wanted to make it clear some have tried it and it didn't end well. Propane blends are a con! As you mention, the propane burns off first so that when you really need it, when the cannister is getting low and cooling itself through evaporation, there is no propane left. The fact they do use...
  8. Bothwell Voyageur

    MSR Fuel Canisters

    Yeah never put propane into a “camping” style canister- the ones with a concave base, domed top and the Lindal style valve. Propane boils at a much lower temperature so the chance of a very big bang is pretty high. There are adapters that connect stoves intended for use with Lindal valves to the...
  9. Bothwell Voyageur

    Amok Draumr Hammock

    Its their Quarterdome hammock, not sure they make it anymore. I also have a Warbonnet RidgeRunner bridge that is way lighter and wider at the shoulders but it is more tippy so I generally use that with an underquilt. They do make a version with a pad pocket that would be worth looking at. Jack's...
  10. Bothwell Voyageur

    Amok Draumr Hammock

    Have you tried a pad in a regular bridge hammock? I've used wide pad in my REI hammock several times and provided I remember to hang it tighter that a regular hammock I get a really great flat sleeping platform and am able to side sleep. Pads with horizontal tubes seem to hold the hammock open...
  11. Bothwell Voyageur

    MSR Fuel Canisters

    For a summer trip one 8oz canister will last the two of us a full week, but we are pretty frugal by many standards and I do use a super efficient windscreen around my pot. Plus, never run your stove at full blast, all it does is waste fuel, most of heat is lost up the sides.
  12. Bothwell Voyageur

    Spirit II vs. Prospector 17

    A friend has the Swift prospector. It looks quite shallow though sometimes that's deceiving. The Esquif is definitely more oriented towards whitewater than many other "prospectors" We had a Spirit II back in the UK. It got us through some nasty open water situations with choppy confused waves...
  13. Bothwell Voyageur

    Tobogganing Turtles

    I know, but I thought it was funny!
  14. Bothwell Voyageur

    Lost (misplaced) a tool

    tape measures. all the time. I have enough so that I should be able to leave at least one in every location where I'll be working, fabric in the basement, bikes in the garage and canoes in the workshop, but somehow there's never one around when I need it.
  15. Bothwell Voyageur

    Tobogganing Turtles

    Was it wearing an eye mask and a cape?
  16. Bothwell Voyageur

    Tobogganing Turtles

    Out for a short trip this past weekend. Paddling a short distance from a steepish rocky shore, we heard splashes as debris rolled down the high rock slab. The cause we found was a largish painted turtle sliding wildly down the rock face, knocking moss and lichen as it went. No pictures as it...
  17. Bothwell Voyageur

    Bothwell Voyageur Twig Stove

    Thanks for the positive review. I'm looking forward to a summer without fire bans that let us use ours! I always carry a pair of leather gloves if I'm planning on any sort of fire. Helps keep the soot off and for picking up hot pans. I wonder whether one of those tiny air pumps they sell for...
  18. Bothwell Voyageur

    Best camping plate/bowl ever!

    Don’t get a rubber coated one, just use a glove or your dish cloth/bandana. That way it can double as an extra pot.
  19. Bothwell Voyageur

    Is it legal to make composite canoe off an existing design?

    I doubt there is a patent on the Appalachian canoe, nothing new or novel there. A design could be copyrighted though I guess but I suspect the same thing applies, for personal use not an issue. Even if you were to start selling them I think OT or whichever corporation owns them would be hard...