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    Poll: How Old Are You?

    34 for the time being. Hoping when I reach the age of the majority of the members here I will be able to spend much more time in a canoe.
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    McCormick Wilderness

    Based on my Baraga Creek attempt, I can see you running into issues (low water, dense forest, swamps) between Upper Baraga and Island Lake, and bony unrunable water between Island and Bulldog Lake. I would suggest you reverse your route and do the 3.5 mile portage first see how far you could...
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    Big Island Lake Wilderness, UP of MI

    I felt the same way. I'm a little old school and still have a couple of those gazette map books and the Hiawatha National Forest map that has most of the roads on them labeled with forest service numbers. The nice part of not being able to find the place. Still have not found anything to...
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    Tippy Pond

    Manistee River, Tippy Pond backwaters 4-10-12-15 Solo Trip Not really a tripping report as much as a location report. This trip was to be a first camping trip for a couple of my co-workers. Unfortunately for them they had to cancel, turning this trip into a solo weekend. Since they both backed...
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    Recommendations for fixed blade knife

    I would second the Mora, there are even stainless steal models that require less maintenance. My second recommendation would be Condor, Bushlore or Kephart. The Condor's do not come out of the box sharp so you would need to do some work on the blades. Mora's come out of the box shaving sharp...
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    Screen Names

    My name is where I like to be, well beyond the end of the road. I have a dream for remote places, those destinations far beyond where the roadends. For me the adventure begins after the roadends.
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    5-Day Adirondack Adventure

    My sister finial sent me her pictures. She said she forgot about them. Apparently she had a good time in the Adirondacks because she took her husband out to Chasm Ausable for their one-year anaveresy. Anyway back to the photos. I think this was on the Colden Lake side of Cold Brook Pass. You...
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    Adirondack Mtn West Canada Lake Wilderness

    Conk, How do I view your pics? Every time I click on the link I get a 404 Not_Found error.
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    Freedom To Use Rivers

    Searching just the posters name the first thing that came up was National Organization for Rivers. http:// www. nationalrivers. org/ It seems to be a way to kind of solicit new members.
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    5-Day Adirondack Adventure

    I would not want to travel through those thick spruce forests, especially when soaking wet from rain. Frederica was an easy climb. The funny thing is that Michigan’s highest point is only 1900’ (Mt Arvon) and that is still shorter than Mt Frederica. I was not expecting everything to be easy...
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    5-Day Adirondack Adventure

    Robin, if backpacking is off topic feel free to delete this post. I am the type of traveler that likes to do and see as much as possible. I figured that no trip to the Adirondacks would be complete with out a trip into the High Peaks Region backpacking. June 11, Upper works We leave the Upper...
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    5-Day Adirondack Adventure

    June 9 through 11, Lake Eaton The next best choice for us seamed to be Lake Eaton State Park. We drove around and found a nice campsite on the lake that had good shore access. After dinner we decided to paddle around the lake. We quietly jammed to the Decembers and Lumineers from my phone and...
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    5-Day Adirondack Adventure

    This is a trip that has been five or six years in the making. First, a little back-story: Before I even thought of remote travel via a canoe, I was looking for an adventurous backpacking trip. I bought a couple of guidebooks about the Adirondacks and began planning a five day trip in late May...
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    Tippy Dam Pond May 10-11 2014

    Robin, If rain were in the forecast, I would set up the tarp more in an "A" frame and lower to the ground. Set up in the right direction, I can tuck far enough in there to avoid a lite rain. Cooking for me is mostly boiling water to rehydrate something, no extra tarp needed. I do use a ground...
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    Tippy Dam Pond May 10-11 2014

    Manistee River backwaters of Tippy Dam Flow- 2000 cf/s May 10 and 11 2014 Solo trip As seems to be norm for my drives up north, weather was crazy. Just as I got on the expressway it down poured to the point no one could see and traffic came to a halt. Lucky for me the rain did not last long. I...
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    You meet the nicest people on this forum!

    I also have to give a public thanks to stripperguy for helping me plan my ADK trip.
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    Texas Rivers

    Search the rivers on usgs.gov. Not sure of your exact location but here is one for the Brazos near Hempstead TX. If by current you mean flow or how much volume it is moving. It is 2860 cf/s According to the chart average is 4770 cf/s. So it would be about half of average flow...
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    What are you reading?

    Ok we need to stop this thread. My amazon wishlist is growing faster with every post you folks make here :). Currently for me I have been reading "True North" by Elliot Merrick and recently finished "The Lure of Faraway Places: Reflections on Wilderness and Solitude" by herb Pohl.
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    Woodland Caribou P.P. - Photos

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for posting.
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    We are back

    Thanks Robin for all your effort. Just got the e-mail today, glad to see this site back up and running. Left for vacation a couple of weeks ago and everything was ok, only to come back to no canoetripping.