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    WTB Klepper rudder

    Kind of a long shot, but I'm looking for a Klepper rudder. I'd also be interested in a set of pedals and seats if any one has a Klepper pile gathering dust. Thanks, Woody
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    The "I blame Mike McCrea" thread.

    I dont think theres much to be gained from debating adnausium whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. That said, if you turn one of these boats over your looking at a roughly 16'x30" canoe. Bog standard for a solo.
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    Show pictures of your tent(s) on a canoe trip

    I've been using freestanding tents more recently, but this was the super deluxe development of the tarp and bugnet shelters I preferred.
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    The "I blame Mike McCrea" thread.

    I actually have another Klepper Kamerad TS that I picked up a couple years ago. I haven't rigged a permanent seat or rudder on it yet, but it paddles well with a single blade sitting on a small plastic kids shower stool. This hull is a Kamerad W. I haven't done a full comparison, but this...
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    The "I blame Mike McCrea" thread.

    Their bloody multiplying...
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    Repairing wrapped Wenonah Toughweave hull?

    The one break in the gunnel shown is the only fatal injury. I'm sure I could coble a patch in a survival situation... I still need to get an accurate measurement of the gunnels but hopefully their under the 18.5 ft stock I found on line. My initial goal is to do the structural glass work...
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    Repairing wrapped Wenonah Toughweave hull?

    This boat cost me $1 to get in to. Aluminum gunnels will be another $200. Add another $100 for glass, goop and paint. This hull may be a candidate as an ACA sailing canoe, so I'll be holding off on gunnels for the time being. The gelcoat is pretty rough so, this hull will get painted, so...
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    Repairing wrapped Wenonah Toughweave hull?

    I acquired a damaged Wenonah Toughweave Sundowner that was on its way to the dump. Apparently it had a misadventure and wrapped around something or was crushed. The rails are kinked in a number of places and will need to be replaced. I'm going to straighten them out to get the hull fair...
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    “Chalky Epoxy”

    Epoxy is sensitive to uv degradation. Polyester is also, which is most obvious with chalky gelcoat. I've got a bunch of semi neglected unfinished epoxy projects that have been sunburned. I've consulted the West Systems techs, and have been told that its best to grind it all off for a 100%...
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    Hudson Bay Axe Disimprovement

    Cold Steel has created "The horror that can not be unseen"....
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    The "I blame Mike McCrea" thread.

    Definitely going to set up for sailing. Im not sure how far into the wind. I have a 1 meter BSD sail that should work for motor sailing. Seating is a big part of the puzzle. I've never really taken to kayak paddles, so higher seat is required. Simple solution is a Wenonah sliding pedestal...
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    The "I blame Mike McCrea" thread.

    Why yes it is. Hens teeth may only appeal to the discerning palate......
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    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    I spent a lot of time with a 15' fiberglass Great Canadian. Its a heavy boat with a shallow v bottom. I paddled it successfully seated on the rear seat, with a rock or a couple milk jugs holding the bow down. I generally healed the boat as much as comfortable and was able to get the paddle...
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    Where to get a two-piece wooden pole?

    I happened to find a broken fiberglass arborist pole today. The Aluminum ferrule looks like it would be awkward to use. But the fiberglass pole it self looks like it might make a good joint with an an internal sleeve/pin. That's a bit of a DIY though.
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    Where to get a two-piece wooden pole?

    Have you poked around the UK based "Song Of The Paddle" forum? As I remember there was a developed technology of 2 part poles that could be used to with a small down wind sail. Its probably not worth shipping poles from the UK, but there's always some one trying to find a low cost...
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    Cheap single burner stove for a chuck box?

    I looked on Ebay and there are a couple vintage single burners with hoses that where available at some point. There are also single burner catering stoves direct from China, but those are a gamble. If I can attach the stove and bottle to a board, I should be able to also secure a wind...