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  1. WinterWarlock

    Explain Your Screen Name

    WinterWarlock came from a rough year...2004. Divorced, laid off from a job I'd been in for 9 years, and more...but I figured as long as I put one foot in front of the other I'd get by.
  2. WinterWarlock


    Hi all - I'm one of the admins on ADKForum...we're looking into it, and it isn't the first time. I'll let you know when I know more about it... Scott
  3. WinterWarlock

    Whitney Wilderness Trip or Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned!

    Very well written and enjoyable trip report. I was on Lake Lila yesterday (Sunday June 26) and turned around at Site 20 for the same reason...the whipping wind and whitecaps just beyond the islands. I was in a new canoe, so wasn't fully settled in to it yet, so decided not to push my luck...
  4. WinterWarlock

    In Canoe Storage

    Are these thicker than trash compactor bags? Those are what I use, and they're pretty inexpensive. And like others have said, stuff that must stay dry (sleeping bag, primarily) gets put into it's own roll top bag, and then into the pack.
  5. WinterWarlock

    Canoe hauling

    Three different Hornbecks on the truck, plus a 16' Keewaydin Canoe Company canoe in the background.
  6. WinterWarlock

    Camp/Foxworx Paddles

    FoxWorx is definitely done...they just made their last paddle, I understand. Apparently Dave Curtis has some FoxWorx inventory at Hemlock...if you need one, might be worth contacting him.
  7. WinterWarlock

    Gear storage and trip packing

    Really nice set up Mike...do you adopt?
  8. WinterWarlock

    Mullica River x 2 New Jersey

    I grew up in South Jersey, and my first canoeing ever was on that river...thanks for bringing back some good memories.
  9. WinterWarlock

    Resurrecting a Blue Barrel

    Well folks, as a fairly new member here I just stumbled across this thread, and may I say (as an admin and mod on several forums and Facebook groups) that this is one of the single most informative and entertaining threads I've read in a while. Now to go try to remove the medicinal stink from...
  10. WinterWarlock

    5 or 7-Gallon Bucket Mess Kit

    Wow - nice scenery, and that makes sense. Thanks.
  11. WinterWarlock

    5 or 7-Gallon Bucket Mess Kit

    I like the idea...might have to give it a try. Then I can leave the backpacking chair at home, and it would be easy to hang the pail. I also have a small blue barrel I've used, but that top is too small to be easy to sit on!
  12. WinterWarlock

    5 or 7-Gallon Bucket Mess Kit

    I'm curious about carrying the buckets for those who use them...do you just carry them by the handles for portaging, or do your trips generally not have any?
  13. WinterWarlock

    What is your local day paddle?

    I used to live in Brighton and would paddle both of those…as well as Canadice. Hemlock can get pretty windy in the afternoons but it is a beautiful spot.
  14. WinterWarlock

    Reusable Zip Ties

    The Dealee Bob's have been great, and are really easy to use. And since they're bright enough, you don't leave them behind!
  15. WinterWarlock

    What is your local day paddle?

    I live on (well, about two blocks away) Schroon Lake...day paddles are either down the south Schroon River, or from the lake to the North Schroon River, or even a quick ten minute drive to Paradox Lake...all nice paddles within a few minutes of home.
  16. WinterWarlock

    Reusable Zip Ties

    @Erica I use these, and they come in many colors...they appear to be almost the same thing as you have, but brighter. https://www.bdbcanoe.com/bungee-dealee-bobs-tie-down-for-outdoor-enthusiasts-canoeing-camping-hiking-mountain-biking Scott
  17. WinterWarlock

    The most you've ever paid for a canoe (buy or build)

    Last week I ordered it...$4,595 for a Swift Prospector 16' Combi in Expedition Kevlar. Spendy, for sure...but I will also be selling an old Royalex boat to offset a little and make some room for it. Oh well - I can think of worse ways to spend money, and I'm very excited for the delivery!
  18. WinterWarlock

    Swift Prospector 16 Combi

    Haven't heard an exact date yet, but the local dealer thought it would be around 6 weeks. Seems fast, but I'll take it! :-)
  19. WinterWarlock

    Swift Prospector 16 Combi

    Just ordered a Swift Prospector 16' Combi in Expedition Kevlar. Really looking forward to getting it into the backcountry of the Adirondacks. Any tips, experience or comments on this configuration are appreciated. I went with the Ruby as shown, but without the Champagne bottom, which I hadn't...
  20. WinterWarlock

    Essex Chain Lakes and the Chain Drain

    Nice pictures Mike...what is the red canoe with the wood interior? Is this one you've built?