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  1. devils son in law

    Explain Your Screen Name

    Since I was a kid I've loved early country - delta blues, especially those recorded before WW2. I had first discovered Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf and really liked the hard driving electric blues but it didn't take long to find all those who inspired them and the names really stuck with me...
  2. devils son in law

    Vehicle vandalism while in the wilderness

    I have a hand written note that I leave on my dash if I'm in an area I'm not sure about ... "Mike, I got here early, went for a quick walk and will be back soon" Not sure if it helps but I figured it can't hurt.
  3. devils son in law

    Wenonah Tour Lite elbow unboxing impressions.

    I had a Power Surge and really didn't care for it at all. I found it smaller than my liking and didn't feel I was getting the catch that I was with their flat water blades. They are popular in the racing community, probably for a quicker turnover. But in my opinion, if you're young and strong...
  4. devils son in law

    Wenonah Tour Lite elbow unboxing impressions.

    I got myself a Carbon/Kevlar Wenonah paddle a few years ago and love it. I have a few Zavs that I use mostly but I really like the blade width of that Wenonah. As mentioned above, it may slow cadence slightly being a bit wider and heavier but I'm pushing much more water with it. I tend to...
  5. devils son in law

    It's wool season

    Stormy Kromer is popular here in Michigan, made in the Upper Peninsula. I have a few hats, a couple vests and sweaters and just ordered a Mackinaw jacket last night. Good stuff. (y)
  6. devils son in law

    Shelta Hats

    ......I just think that canoe would look better on my car! ;)
  7. devils son in law

    Shelta Hats

    I hear you .... and you'll never see my canoe on top of a Subaru either!! :ROFLMAO:
  8. devils son in law

    Snake ID

    Yup, looks like a brown snake. They don't get very big.
  9. devils son in law

    Adjustable bow foot brace

    I have a couple tandem canoes that have foot braces for the stern paddler but not for the bow. I've seen a couple for sale on line but thought I'd try to make one before forking over $85. Has anyone made their own and can you post a picture? Of course I was told I could just use a foam block...
  10. devils son in law

    What was the worst canoe you ever owned or paddled?

    I've been lucky enough to own some nice boats so I'll have to choose the first canoe I bought, an Old Town Discovery 158. It's not a bad canoe and it took me on many adventures but that thing was a beast! Of course it was far better than any of the canoe livery aluminum beaters that I...
  11. devils son in law

    Poll: How much is your spouse or SO interested in canoeing compared to you?

    Like a few others, my wife's interest has certainly dwindled over the years. Lucky for me she doesn't mention my take over of the garage with 5 canoes and bicycles hanging everywhere.
  12. devils son in law

    Solo Canoe for Ohio and Mississippi River

    I really like the concept of decked canoes, especially on bigger water. The larger cockpits on them makes for easy entry. I was looking into a Clipper Sea 1 a while back but their web site says "unavailable" but I've never paddled one either. I can vouch for the Wenonah Canak and Savage...
  13. devils son in law

    Energy Drinks Don't Work

    Foxy beat me to it. While you do see empty bottles and cans here in Michigan, it seems to be far less than in states without deposits. It also appears the worst of the bunch seem to drink Bud Light with their McDonalds!! ;)
  14. devils son in law

    Kokatat Launch Socks Review

    Very interesting and a great idea but the $90 price tag..... ouch!
  15. devils son in law

    Wenonah Canak

    I'll call dibs on that Monarch!! ;)
  16. devils son in law

    Wenonah Canak

    I also have a Falcon from Savage River in Graphite and it's a beauty!! I stole this picture off the internet, I don't have a rudder on mine.
  17. devils son in law

    Wenonah Canak

    There are no bulkheads between the hatches and the cockpit like you would find on a kayak but the are small storage/flotation compartments in the bow and stern. I forgot to add that it has a sliding pedestal seat with adjustable foot braces. An ideal set up for a single blade paddle but the...
  18. devils son in law

    Wenonah Canak

    I have one and like it alot. It uses Wenonah's Prism hull and glides along pretty well while paddling, whether loaded or not. It tracks well and also turns very easily. The nylon hatch covers make for easy access to your gear, which can be a problem in other decked canoes It has webbing on...
  19. devils son in law

    Jokes and Laughter for the Day

    Did you hear about the dyslexic Zombie that ate Brian?
  20. devils son in law

    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    I guess I'd do it the same way I'd ride a tandem bicycle solo, not very well.