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    Check your car top racks

    Our Resident Engineer needs to know "why"! :)
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    Free E-Book

    Hey Nonstick-- I've had the best luck with Google Books (listed under the "More" section on Google) I found many of Cliff Jacobson's books and a few of Hap Wilson's are there, for example. Sometimes you have to click and see if it is available to read online. They also give options to...
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    Quiet Water Symposium, Michigan 3/1/2014

    Well, my son and I went...had a good time. The speakers were good...Kevin Callan and Cliff Jacobson had good presentations. Lots of displays--canoe builders, nature trails, Michigan Outfitters, and the like. Mostly I enjoyed talking with the folks there...an outdoorsy lot... wearing plaid...
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    Do you wear a PFD?

    Always...same thinking as Bob!
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    Quiet Water Symposium, Michigan 3/1/2014

    I stumbled across this event coming up soon. http://www.quietwatersymposium.org/ It looks like a low-key fun day with conservation and paddle minded folks. Anyone ever gone? I'm planning to go and check it out! Scott
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    Your next canoe trip?

    I've been dreaming about a return trip to Killarney PP....crystal clear water and those white quartzite rock faces! Spent two nights there and only scratched the surface of what's there. Glad the beaver that slipped off the rock didn't land in the boat. Also want to hit more ADK trips on my...
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    Skin on frame canoe

    Anyone build or use a skin on frame canoe? I'm looking at Monfort's Snowflake 14 and Gentry's PH13. I'm between canoes right now...sold off the fleet except for "the barge", 100 pound aluminum beast(which we did once portage 700m in Killarney PP) Planning to build 2 cedar solos someday, but $...
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    Trip Reports NY, VT, NH and ME Lake Trip

    Wow Mike Great reports...I'm tired just reading through. Thanks for sharing. How do you like your hanging water system in the photos? Scott
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    Wanted: Bell NorthStar

    Yeah but it's in the heart of the adirondacks...you'd have to fully test it in the St. Regis Canoe Area!
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    Different Type of Wood Canoe

    Had the chance to paddle a boat like this last summer....never again...it handled poorly, sluggish, not fun...canoeing has to be fun for me. DW, I'm not into anything to impress anyone either...functional and fun are my priorities. So I guess the answer to your initial question depends on your...
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    The benefits of using a two foot fishing rod.

    I watched a 3 year old land a bass on his Snoopy red and blue special, while I got shut out. That little rod gave him better "location and presentation"!
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    FS: Old Town Penobscot 16 Royalex

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    FS: Old Town Penobscot 16 Royalex

    $800 or Best Offer...need room for a canoe project!
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    First time Stripper Build (nervous yet excited)

    Good job guys...our buddy Patch is going to be busy the next few months! Mihun, your pics really show the whole process start to finish...nice work.
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    First time Stripper Build (nervous yet excited)

    memaquay--how about some pics of your current and past projects...that will push our buddy Patchfly over the edge :)
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    Any Kelly Kettle fans?

    Here's the answer I got from NFS ranger email: "When there is a fire ban, it means no open fires of any kind in the area or at the time prescribed in the fire ban. So no you would not be able to use this product in a fire ban, it has flames. Hope this helps." I described the KK, it's fuel...
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    First time Stripper Build (nervous yet excited)

    Hey Patchfly... Your description sounds like a Chesnut Prospector to me. http://bearmountainboats.com Not sure your going to find a stable family outting canoe that would double as a lightweight solo. No problem though, there's always room for canoe#2! Looking forward to seeing pics as your...
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    Any Kelly Kettle fans?

    Bob, I was wondering the same thing.
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    Any Kelly Kettle fans?

    DuctTape--So you didn't have a problem with the performance......A friend of mine said it was too bulky for lightweight backpacking and not a good stove for simmering and cooking on top. So it didn't fit his style either. I'm thinking my style is more like Stipperguy and yknpdlr. I'm at the...