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    Originally posted by lowangle al View Post

    One time on a solo trip I passed through a lake where a solo women tripper was camped. Besides the fact that I am married I never got close enough to her for deodorant to make a difference as I was not attracted to her boat. (Kayak)
    50+ years in the woods, I've never run into a compromising situation and never had deodorant backup if I did.


      Late to the thread here but thanks for the entertaining read on this lazy Friday morning.

      I love that YouTube channel and thinks it’s awesome Jonathan is a member here.

      As far as the deodorant goes, look at the keeper Jonathan has. Beautiful and a real trooper when it comes to tripping. Tough to argue against him here.
      Nobody's interested in what you didn't do.


        Great point Red. I'm playing the Erin card. That's trump. Whatever my "game" was to land a tripping partner like her, I can only recommend that everyone else should to be doing it


          Ah Jono, we just be bust'n your chops cause yur a young fella, lol. Ours days of sweet gals and rough trips like the Little Pic are mostly over, except for the likes of you, who take us along vicariously. Keep greasing your pits, if it keeps the videos coming.