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Last paddle report for a while ...

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    Last paddle report for a while ...

    Well, today it is snowing, wet and cold with a lot of rain on the way foretasted for the next two days - Yuk. Yesterday it was warmer and sunny, and I was kicked out of work at noon - for the next two weeks absolutely no one allowed in the building - so I loaded up both my dogs and we went for an exploration of the Wisconsin river bottoms ... it was awesome!! My boys Jake in red and Gunner in green love a good timber romp as well as a peaceful canoe ride, so off we went playing and exploring for a few wonderful hours.

    After we left the canoe we set out exploring - the boys loved it, we were scolded by ducks, saw an Eagle and found a lot of things to sniff out along the way. After each spot was explored, we hustled to the canoe to find the next spot to explore. We had a ball - and had the river bottom all to our selves. Finally soaked, mud caked and exhausted they jumped in the canoe for journey down river back to the truck.

    This is my third trip in 4 days. I have been working my knee to be able to trip again. This trip let me know - too much too fast. I still have a lot of work to do, but there is hope I will be able to travel the back country of Canada again.

    There is something about the motion, the grace, of a nice canoe gently moving along ... the timber seemingly gliding by ... there is peace. Man it felt good to share this time in the sunshine with my dogs. The lakes here are still all frozen solid, but the river is open ... and exploring that just feels right.


    You got to take advantage of the weather but always be wary of your recovery. I broke my shoulder and wasn’t allowed to paddle fo 6 months. I had to force myself not to overdo it for another 6 months. A setback at ice out wouldn’t be ideal. Those are great pics though, thanks for posting. Hoping to hit the river again this Friday myself.

    My canoe can beat up your kayak.


      Bob B - Thanks for your reports that last couple of days. They've been enjoyable to read. I can also feel your pain when it comes to the knee. My right knee was "reconstructed" such as was possible back in 1970; I was 17 at the time. I was able to get about 20 years before the every 3 year cycle of operations began. Eventually when I was 57 I had a total knee replacement. While the comeback was difficult, in the end I'm able to do anything I'd like. All I can suggest is to keep at your rehab and let your body be your guide. It already told you now that you're pushing it a bit so it knows what the deal is. Before too long, you'll be back to 100% and doing everything you'd like; albeit a bit slower based on personal experience

      That's all for now. Take care and until next well.