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    Bob from Southwest Idaho. My canoeing life has been long, but pretty thin. I got my first canoe (a w/c) in Eugene Oregon in 1965. Since then I have owned at least 15 canoes but now have only 4: a recently acquired Ranger Otter, a Royalex Mad River Explorer, a 12' Old Town Stillwater, and a Grumman Sport Boat. Admittedly the last 2 are only "sort of" canoes. In spite of the time and number of boats my experience is pretty limited and mostly involved duck hunting and some fishing. No significant white water, and no multiday tripping. The Explorer has been hanging in the garage for 15 years, and I have used the "sort of" canoes for duck hunting in the Snake River along my property. I have mostly given up duck hunting, and decided to start paddling again. I bought the Ranger when it became available at a good price because at my age I think it will be a little easier to handle than the Explorer, both on land and in the water.

    Hi Bob, Welcome to the board. I think you'll like the Ranger, I had 2 and thought they handled very well and with the shallow V is much like the Explorer but lighter! Looking forward to hearing about paddling in your neck of the woods!



      The Ranger seems like a nice boat. It is like the Explorer but at least 20 lbs lighter. It also is somewhat more shaped for paddling ease and less for carrying capacity. Of course being a glass/composite boat it also has finer lines. Finally it is asymmetric which affects its handling. It definitely glides a little better when paddled with the bow forward. I am in the process of installing a center seat to use solo (which is how I normally paddle) because my knees are too old and stiff to paddle any distance kneeling and I was not wild about handling when I used the bow seat solo.


        Getting your first canoe in 1965 Ages you Bob !

        That's OK ! Lighter canoes seem a lot more interesting these days !

        I find just getting in and out a lot harder, and hefting those heavy hulls, on top of my truck rack a real challenge !
        Once in the canoe, all that fades away !

        Welcome Bob !

        Keep your paddle wet, and your seat dry !


          Hi, Bob. I somehow missed your intro, and I don't think I've chatted with you yet. Welcome to the forum! So, we're right up the road from each other (Nampa here), and looks like we paddle some of the same waters. I've done some duck hunting from the canoe on the Snake below Walters Ferry too. If you're interested, we should get together and do some paddling. I do a little whitewater, but I'm always open to some flats. I'm retired, so my schedule is pretty flexible.

          BTW, that Ranger is a nice boat. I had one for a little while until my brother claimed it. Very much like my Malicite, which I dearly love.