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Waterproofing a Blue Barrel

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    Originally posted by memaquay View Post
    The following statement is what I do, not to be taken as advice.

    Yes, my food, clothes, sleeping bag, mattress, every thing goes in the barrel, except fuel, if I bring some kind of fuel operated stove. That goes in the day pack. I know people will tell you that is a big no-no, but I'm not travelling in Grizzly land, and I'm not bringing steaks. Food is all dry in separate packs in the barrel. I have seen many bears, but only ever had one in camp, which was quickly dispatched with a bear banger, and I've been wilderness tripping on Northern Ontario for 30 years.

    Don't want to start the big bear debate, but judging by the poll on cleanliness, most people here are going to stink like food and other good things already, lol.

    If you are travelling in a well used park setting where yogi has come to think of people as fast food providers, you might want to carry food in a separate, smaller pack, like a 30 litre barrel or something. Where I travel, the bears that know what humans are associate us with a boom stick.
    O F.
    You made me choke with laughter! Now my Q to you is how do we get to pack on the avoirdupois with such a boring freeze dried menu? This version of WW is not working for me. Maybe I should live on dried food all year.
    Yah I stink.. SO?


      "Yes, my food, clothes, sleeping bag, mattress, everything goes in the barrel...most people here are going to stink like food..."
      I can attest to Memequay not caring how he smells in the backcountry. And he knows what he is talking about.
      For a guy who tripped on double smoked bacon, Bailey's Irish Cream and cigarettes he didn't smell half bad.
      No complaints from me.
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