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How to Solo Lift a Canoe

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    Yes, that is what I do also. Karin actually made a sheet metal shoe to protect the bow of her very lovely Jacks Special. It gets a little trickier when you are using shorter boats but still doable.


      As far as I can tell, no one has talked about or shown getting the boat in portage position from the water and not dry land.
      My wife and I are “wet-footers” and try to be tender with are boat.
      It can be a very different lift when you are knee to waist deep in water and have slippery, rocky footing.
      On these occasions, and when carrying a pack, it is most often not possible to move your feet and position yourself under the yoke. Instead, you should just rotate your upper body, get the boat and yoke positioned on your shoulders, and then proceed to walk out of the water.


        Maybe some good information on the OP's video, but I shut it down because the guy sounded like a used car salesman. "The Tripping Authority" is a title that should have been given to some folks that are now long gone.
        "All I had were a few flies tucked into the band of my hat and an a old beaten-up Heddon rod, that had been on many trips." Sigurd F. Olson