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Throwing line over a tree limb, and a recent revelation

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    Originally posted by Odyssey View Post

    Like a girl.


      Throwing ropes over tree branches on the west coast at sea level (we paddle on the ocean) is a nightmare. Just wandering thrugh the forest is difficult. Then comes the problem of finding a branch that is low enough to reach. If there is one, it's often cluttered with other foliage so a rope will not easily pass over it and down the other side. Finally, on these big trees, low branches are often moss covered (i.e. rotten) or just too thin to hold the weight of a food bag.


        DIY Throw Ball, AKA Mark II tennis ball.

        Originally posted by Mike McCrea View Post
        I need to add a ring to the tennis ball and try using that, but I’m kinda stumped. I could use a small eye bolt, with a washer and nut inside the ball, but left in place that would preclude playing catch or fetch. Although the ring might be handy on the tennis ball as a place to clip a tarp line.

        Hmmm, I’m thinking a short webbing loop, knotted inside a hole drilled in the slit tennis ball, with a small carabineer attached to the webbing loop for the line to glide through.
        Well dang, that was so simple, easy and cheap I made a couple. I cut usual 1 ½” long slit, so I can squeeze open the tennis ball like a 1950’s lunch money change purse and add some pebbles for weight if needed.

        PC071394 by Mike McCrea, on Flickr

        Drill a hole through the tennis ball and push a six inch loop of thin (½” wide) webbing through the hole via the slit. Knot the bitter ends of the webbing outside the slit and pulled the knot into the ball, leaving a 1” webbing loop hanging outside the ball. A loop of rope knotted inside the ball would do just as well

        I played with the drilled hole size a bit, wanting the webbing & knot held firmly inside the tennis ball, but I also wanted to be able to (forcefully) pull the knot through the hole to free the line if the ball itself got hung up or wedged in a forked limb on an errant throw.

        A small carabineer through the loops serves nicely as the ring for the doubled or tripled up throwing line to glide through using the underhand Arborist technique. Plus it’s easy to clip on and off, so I still have a slit tennis ball for tarp pole ends or playing catch/fetch.

        PC071403 by Mike McCrea, on Flickr

        Maybe not so much fetch; my previous slit tennis ball throw weights often ended up dog destroyed on past canine companion trips. Hard to resist dog play when I have a tennis ball.

        Or tarp fetch. A tennis ball tossed up and rolling along the slant of a tarp is a great fetch game, that becomes canine catch as the dog tracks the ball rolling across the tarp and snares it as it drops off the other side. Tons of fun provided you don’t mind dog ball slobber on the tarp.

        Some more practice throwing in the yard and I am like the Mark II tennis ball lots more than the golf ball and eye screw.

        I am making a slit tennis ball and loop to put in each of our tarp stuff bags, and maybe making some as stocking stuffers for tripper friends (Glo-wire line not included).

        I foresee more practice out in the yard when I have the boys back for Christmas. Maybe I should perfect my throwing technique in secret before then.