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What happened to topo maps?

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    if you want a very easy demonstration of people's love for topos just go to the visitors centre in Algonquin Park! there is a giant 3D relief map on the wall with brass tags listing the lake names. On any day of the week there are at least 3-4 groups in front of it reminiscing over old trips or looking for new adventures. on weekend there can be literally crowds 3 deep looking. a great many then turn, and enter the bookstore to buy any of a half dozen maps (I admit to owning them all) on paper or cd, the vast majority being paper!
    It's hard to drool over a 1 mile square piece of 8x11, but to get down on your knees over a 5,10 or even 20 mile piece of 2x3 or even 3x4 paper is ecstasy!


      1:50,000 is just a really nice scale to work with. I download topo maps from in pdf format and print them in poster mode, then fill in portage and campsite info from I find it even more enjoyable than my coloring books.