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    Originally posted by Glenn MacGrady View Post
    I'll get to sewing in my next post, but I keep wondering if we haven't been ignoring other buckle types, preferably metal, that have no movable spring part to break and that wouldn't have the difficult-to-release problem of double rings.

    For example, why wouldn't a simple metal slide work with a double fold-over? Imagine the wooden ring in this video is my gunwale slot:

    Alternatively, how about an adjustable roll pin buckle:

    The first one is simply a metal ladder lock. The second one is a fancier ladder lock with a toothy roll pin. Either would work.

    Part of my desire with a strap yoke is that it take only seconds to connect. Same with other non permanent outfitting bits. My back is toast and bending over a canoe at waters edge fiddling and fussing with outfitting does me no favors.

    I appreciate things that snap in place, like the Surf to Summit back band with swivel clips on pad eyes, or bench seat cushioning that slips between two pieces of webbing, or simple downwind sails that plug into an adjustable base with no sheets or fairleads or rigging.

    There may be more there than a do not want to be bending over bad back. When I get to a put in, even if no one else is around, I want to git gone is short order. If companions are taking too long to get ready I will paddle down to the first eddy and wait there. I did not come here to sit by a road or bridge.

    I have sometimes sat in that eddy for an unreasonable amount of time.

    Waiting for Tom and DougD. Waiting, waiting, waiting way too long. I finally paddled back upstream to check. Tom can not find his car key. Doug can not find Toms car key. I can not find Toms car key.

    Doug finally found it. Toms key was a single bare key with no fob. Tom had a hole in the pocket of his pants. Toms pants were tucked inside Toms Mukluks.

    The key had slipped out of his pocket, down his pant leg and into his boots. I have no idea how Doug found it there.

    I probably do not want to know.


    Originally posted by Glenn MacGrady View Post
    I'll get to sewing in my next post
    Let me guess, you were poked with sewing needles by an evil stepmother and saved by three spell casting bears, but if you ever touch needle and thread again you will turn into a pumpkin.
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      Technically, I think the video shows what are called slides not ladder locks, although ladder locks might also possibly work. No matter.

      I'm not sure I understand the time objection. I thought we had generally agreed that side release buckle and cam lever buckles aren't reliable enough, and that double rings can take a long time to pry apart especially in cold weather or fat fingers. I'm trying to solve the detachment time issue. It seems that a slide, although it may take a few seconds longer to attach, may save a lot more time and effort in the detachment. A net overall time win.

      I have loops sewn in straps but I don't trust myself to sew strong box-X or bar tack stitches by hand. My shoemaker does it in 30 seconds for $3. Or, Strapworks will put any kind of loops anywhere, sometimes for free.

      I've thought of a way to have a strap thwart without any buckles, and which could also serve as a thigh strap. This would involve a strap with sewn loops on both ends. The strap could be affixed to one gunwale by threading the strap up through the scupper slot and through the loop. The strap would be just long enough so the loop on the other end could be dropped a quarter or half inch below a slot on the opposite gunwale. I'd then insert a some sort of wooden or metal stick or dowel through the loop under the inwale to prevent the strap loop from pulling out of the slot under load. I could even use the dowel trick on both gunwales. This would give me a removable strap thwart with no hardware at all to dangle or bangle. I would have to carry some sort of "dowel" thingamajig. Pencil? Small screwdriver? Possibly rolling up my microfiber towel. My titanium spork!!!!!!

      This entire strap could be removed and re-positioned to serve as my thigh strap, which I wrap around my center seat drop blocks.

      With loops on both ends, I could use the strap in camp to wrap around trees to attach a tarp, hammock, lantern, paddle, rifle, axe, machete, or turmeric barrel.


        This is near necroposting, reviving a long dormant thread, but a friend is trying out the adjustable roll buckle pin Glenn suggested below

        Originally posted by Glenn MacGrady View Post
        how about an adjustable roll pin buckle:

        I am waiting to hear how easy it is to unbuckle the webbing after a bounce-tightening walk beneath the strap yoke, but like that idea better than using two D-rings.

        Of course I still have a bunch of naked 2” SS D-rings. . . . .


          Further to this discussion - hanging loops or scuppers to accommodate a prusik hitch would work well, Adjustable option could include "G hook" that could hook into loop on one side and tighten as necessary.