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Marmot Mantis 3P Plus Tent on sale $80

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    Marmot Mantis 3P Plus Tent on sale $80

    Just a heads up, the on-line REI Outlet will have the Marmot Mantis 3P Plus tent on sale for $100 on Saturday 11/23. That price ($99.73) is good on Saturday only, but at the same time REI is running a 20% off Members coupon, so the actual price is $80.

    Not my kind of tent, it is single wall/no rainfly (condensation if fully closed?), tall and kinda heavy. But if that style appeals to you $80 is a great price for a tent “regularly” priced at $277.

    That looks like a good deal to me. With that campfire tent style entrance it may have good enough ventilation to not have the condensation problem.


      The really good REI on-line outlet deals go fast. I look on the Outlet site once a week or so and click on the Deal of the Day whatever it is; that brings up the current DotD but also the next 5 days worth of deals.

      Sale pricing on the Deal of the Day starts at 12:01am Pacific Time


        Just curious, did anyone pull the trigger on that Member’s-coupon $80 Marmot Mantis?

        Despite the fact that it is not my style of general use camping tent I was tempted, for a specific and peculiar purpose or two.

        When I am travelling away from a base camp in the tripping truck to day paddle I’d like to leave something on the site to demonstrably proclaim “Someone is already camped here”.

        I’d rather leave a tent structure behind than a chair or ice chest, in part because I could disgorge unneeded gear into the tent, and not leave it tempting in the truck at some end of some lonely dirt road launch or bridge crossing.

        If I had evidence that the Mantis 3P Plus was quick and easy to set up I would have bought one for that reason alone, and also to provide a near walk-in height rain and bug shelter, where I could sit in a chair out of the elements and biting nasties. A little more floor space and headroom than the coffin-like back of the truck would be nice sometimes. Especially with a travelling companion along.

        I now kinda regret not springing for one, but ideally that stay-behind tent would be something that sets up and takes down very quickly.